How Climate Change is Affecting Michigan

The effects of climate change are being seen worldwide and right here in Michigan. This video summarizes these impacts - from flooding, intense storms, power outages, to impacts…

A Big Win For Michigan Climate with MPSC Ruling

In a historic decision, the Michigan Public Service Commissioners (MPSC) ruled to include the impacts of climate change in their review of Enbridge's proposed oil tunnel! 

Climate Change Solutions 2021 with Peter Sinclair Webinar

Watch Peter Sinclair's Climate Change Solutions 2021 webinar held on February 26, 2021.

Thanks to Gov. Whitmer for Taking Climate Action

We had 650 MiCAN supporters sign a thank you card to Governor Whitmer for taking bold action on climate. Here's the artwork we sent her.

Pledge to Vote for Climate

Our environment is in trouble. Unless we act now to address our overheating climate, it will only get worse. #PledgeToVote for science and policies that address climate change.

Gov. Whitmer Sets Bold New Climate Goal

The new climate Executive Orders set Michigan on a path to carbon-neutrality by 2050.

Why Vote?

Why don't people vote? It's not necessarily what you think.

How America can leave fossil fuels behind, in one chart

This excellent video from Vox dives into how we can leave fossil fuels behind. Another reason why voting for climate really is a matter of life and death.

Grand Rapids Carbon Neutrality by 2030 Webinar

How can a diverse and broad coalition in Grand Rapids create and implement a plan for community-wide carbon-neutrality by 2030? This community-wide meeting/Zoom webinar from July 7, 2020…

After the Flood: Visioning Michigan's Future

This is a recording made on June 24, 2020 of a webinar sponsored by the Groundwork Center for Resilient Communities, Michigan Progressive Public Policy, and the Michigan Climate…


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