Science tells us we must cut climate emissions in half this decade to prevent climate catastrophe. It's all hands on deck - take action using a suggestion below.


1)  Tell Congress and President Biden to Invest in Climate Infrastructure. We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pass infrastructure bills that consider climate and help us to build the future we want. We cannot waste this moment. Take two minutes to send an email to the President and your representatives, telling them to invest in climate infrastructure and renewable energy NOW to make communities like Detroit more resilient to the impacts of climate change.

2) Work to shut down Line 5 and prevent an oil tunnel. The Line 5 oil pipeline threatens not only the Great Lakes but our warming climate. Join the campaign that has the best chance of shutting down an operating pipeline and help to force a transition to carbon-free energy.

3) Educate your representatives and policymakers about climate change. Any time you can meet with your lawmaker to express your concern for action on climate, you help to spur action. Check out our talking points, the guide to running a good meeting, and sample letters to the editor.

4) Join MiCAN as a member. People and organizations that are part of our network make our climate movement strong. 

5) Attend climate events in your area and invite others to get involved. Together, we can make a difference.

6) Donate to MiCAN to support our work to build our climate movement, elevate climate as a top issue, and move forward solutions. 


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Thinking will not overcome fear but action will. - W. Clement Stone

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  • Karen Muncie
    commented 2021-09-02 09:45:07 -0400
    So very serious to act now!!!! Please doing a little means a lot.
  • Ruth Ann Beasley
    commented 2020-03-06 18:44:10 -0500
    Plant trees, recycle, reuse, repurpose. Preserve our water and boycott pesticides.
  • Robert Hendren
    commented 2019-06-27 13:40:36 -0400
    Well here’s t thing. Short est path to redemption is to embrace the liquid nitrogen economy. Solar and water and wind can be stored by extracting and compressing atmospheric nitrogen to a liquid. As it returns to ambient air temperature it expands. Anyone can do this at home. No electric bills. No pollution. Cars trains and trucks powered by LN. Hendren for President. The American Garden Party. We have to hurry. There is a tipping point
  • Robert Hendren
    followed this page 2019-06-27 13:35:21 -0400
  • Ryan Lo'Ree
    followed this page 2017-06-23 08:23:46 -0400


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