Long before we started to see state and federal action on climate, cities have been leading the way in climate action, both here in Michigan and around the world.

Today more than 200 communities in the U.S. have set 100 percent renewable goals for electricity, and over 50 are already powered entirely by clean and renewable sources of electricity. 

We continue to need ambitious local action if we are going to achieve the 50% cuts in emissions by 2030 necessary for a stable climate.

Now many cities in Michigan are working to reach 100% renewable for all energy sources - electricity, buildings, transportation, and more. 

MiCAN will soon be releasing a list of Michigan cities, towns and counties with bold climate goals. And case studies to show how communities across the state are overcoming their unique challenges to reduce GHG emissions, and how they are doing so equitably.

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In addition to being necessary to avoid climate catastrophe, there are many reasons people are getting behind 100% renewable energy for all sources and for all people. 

100% is Achievable & Cost Effective 
Research shows 100% renewable energy is achievable for the entire U.S. right now, and will just become easier as storage and other technologies improve. More than 200 U.S. cities and counties have committed to 100%, and over 100 cities around the globe get at least 70% of their energy from renewable sources.2 Renewables and efficiency now cost less than any other energy source in Michigan,3 and are expanding rapidly, with large solar arrays now being built in Cadillac, Grand Rapids, East Lansing and other parts of the state.

100% for Healthy Communities 
Powering our state with 100% renewable energy for all our energy needs would save Michigan families over $150 in energy costs and $2,000 in health care costs every year, according to Stanford University research.4 It would reduce the air pollution that triggers asthma attacks and respiratory illnesses, improving quality of life and saving lives. Done right, a Michigan 100% policy that centers equitable solutions will help repair the unjust legacy of environmental harms inflicted on communities by fossil fuel and other industrial polluters.

100% for Good Jobs & Strong Economies 
A commitment to 100% RE will help keep Michigan's manufacturing industry strong, and must be done in a way that creates good-paying jobs in the rapidly growing renewable energy economy. Michigan already leads the Midwest with over 126,000 renewable energy jobs.5 Smart renewable energy policies will help this continue to grow,6 and should include investments in workers and communities affected by closing fossil fuel plants and the communities.7

Renewable energy investments can boost local economies in Michigan communities. Wind energy has led to millions of dollars for rural landowners in some rural Michigan counties,8 and over $32 million of investment in our state and local economies through taxes alone in 2018.9

100% RE is good for communities and is good for Michigan!


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