With generous support from the Midwest Building Decarbonization Coalition, MiCAN mentors sets of three local storytellers through the Climate Influencer Cohort to become messengers creating climate, culture, and decarbonization content.

Young BIPOC Michiganders are undeniably the group most affected by climate change, yet historically have been left out of the conversation. We're passing the mic to diverse (racial, geographic, economic, etc.) youth (aged 18-25) whose voices will resonate with Millennial, Gen Z, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA2S+ followers, to do our part in changing the face of the climate movement to center the most marginalized.    

Participants in the 12-week, paid program gain close guidance from MiCAN staff, exposure to other members of Michigan's environmental justice movement, and climate communications experience and credibility, all while helping MiCAN reach new audiences by cultivating dialogue within their own communities, informing their peers in Michigan how they can become more climate resilient.

January - March 2024 Cohort



Mickkayla Callahan

Mickkayla is a passionate climate activist with an education in digital marketing. She has found that her marketing interests and education can make a significant impact on climate change. Weekly, she uses graphics, literature, and other visual aids to spread awareness of climate change and encourage others to take action, via her climate action council and personal endeavors. Mickkayla is a Steering Committee member of White Lake Area Climate Action Council (WLACAC) and does most of her climate work with the council. With WLACAC since its inception, she has helped it successfully encourage climate declarations, host climate scientist education series, give back to the community, and more. The council's goal is to reach net zero by 2040. Mickkayla believes her work with MICAN will enable her to use and enhance her marketing skills to guide herself and others toward net zero.



Kam Gardner

As a Community Engagement Program Manager specializing in recycling, Kam merges her passion for digital climate communications with a focus on fostering sustainable lifestyles. In her role, she intertwines her enthusiasm for recycling with a love for fashion and art to advocate for a circular economy, transforming the perception of "trash." She has a passion for educating youth through recognizable items, particularly in fashion, which allows her to present sustainability in a fresh perspective! Kam earned a Bachelor's in Environmental Studies and Sustainability from Michigan State University, and is dedicated to enhancing Detroit's environmental health. She looks for ways to support sustainable initiatives that align with her commitment to the city's well-being. Creatively expressing herself through painting, drawing, and upcycling clothing, Kam believes in preserving nature's beauty for future generations, urging conscious steps to protect our environment.



Lyla Hollis

Lyla is passionate about digital climate communications because she loves using her photography to capture and share nature around her. Not only does photography exemplify the beauty of our planet, but also the importance of maintaining and protecting Earth’s many ecosystems. With social media being so prevalent in today’s society, it is important that there is a message behind each media post. Working with MiCAN allows Lyla to inform her platforms of the various ways they can positively impact their Michigan community, while exhibiting her own creative pieces to provide motivation. Lyla's goal during her time as a climate influencer is to showcase the beauty of Michigan through social media, while encouraging change and perseverance for a better future.




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