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Cultural Connection Corner

In accordance with our mission to inspire durable cultural shifts that make climate and sustainability solutions the “right thing to do” in Michigan, MiCAN dedicates a portion of our digital community space for climate activists to connect with one another and find joy and meaning through the discussion of climate-related media such as books, film, music, and art.

MiCAN aims to offer recommendations and resources to anyone who is interested in climate change, regardless of their level of experience or expertise. Whether you're a seasoned activist or you're just starting to learn about climate change, MiCAN’s Cultural Connection Corner is a great place to connect with others, learn new things, and find inspiration. Contact Digital Community Manager Serena Amdur to get involved.

Michigan Climate Communications Network

The Michigan Climate Communications Network, founded by MiCAN at the start of 2023, is a monthly convening of communications personnel from climate-oriented organizations across Michigan, and a support system that can always be contacted by email chain for rapid response in the interims. The MCCN fosters camaraderie among climate communicators, and offers an open space where members can seek advice, share best practices, and contribute content for collaboration and collective promotion. If you find yourself working in a creative capacity for your organization, this group is an opportunity to get to know your colleagues, talk shop, and feel completely comfortable calling on the folks who can inform your questions and offer peer review. Contact Communications Manager Colleen Otte to join.



Michigan Alliance for Justice in Climate

The Michigan Alliance for Justice in Climate (MAJIC) is a coalition of organizations in Michigan that have come together to achieve and actualize Climate Justice for the house of the Great Lakes.

We are a group of organizers, volunteers and professionals creating a sustainable future where the people of Michigan can thrive without suffering the negative physical and economical effects of environmental decline.


Michigan Association for Environmental and Outdoor Educators

The Michigan Association for Environmental and Outdoor Educators (MAEOE) aims to support educators in delivering the highest quality interdisciplinary climate change education to develop informed and engaged citizens.


Michigan Energy, Michigan Jobs Coalition

Michigan Energy, Michigan Jobs (MEMJ) is a broad and bipartisan statewide coalition committed to transitioning to 100% clean energy by 2035, holding utilities accountable, and saving money through energy efficiency. It aims to develop more good-paying jobs that don't require a college degree, cleaner air for the communities most impacted by pollution, and more affordable electricity for Michigan families. 


Michigan Environmental Council

Michigan Environmental Council (MEC), MiCAN’s fiscal sponsor, is a coalition of nearly 100 organizations created in 1980. Its mission is to champion lasting protections for Michigan's air, water, and the places we love.

In MEC’s vision, Michigan is a national environmental policy leader where a powerful network of advocates has built a track record of enacting enduring and equitable policies that protect the health of our communities and offer unparalleled stewardship of our land, air, and water in the face of climate change.


Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition

The Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition takes a multi-faceted approach to systems change by aligning on intersectional goals with statewide power-building organizations and small grassroots groups for policy change and disruption. The organization operates within an understanding that the root causes of climate change are racism, capitalism, and the hetero-patriarchy with the impact of these oppressive systems falling on BIPOC and low-income communities.


Midwest Building Decarbonization Coalition

The Midwest Building Decarbonization Coalition (MWBDC) seeks to develop and implement equitable strategies to achieve zero emissions from the Midwestern building sector by 2050.


Oil & Water Don't Mix

Oil & Water Don't Mix is a coalition of organizations and citizens across Michigan working to keep oil out of the Great Lakes and spur a transition to a clean energy economy. Areas of focus include concerns about water quality, Indigenous rights, climate change, pollution, sustainable economies, protecting sporting, commerce, and tourism, and all the jobs that are dependent on our water and the Pure Michigan way of life. Together, we are fighting for the shut down of Line 5, Michigan's most prominent threat to all of those things.


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