Get Out The Vote Video

We helped create a video to encourage voting in the 2018 midterms.

Traverse City Sets 100% Renewable Goal

The city commission voted to pursue a 100% renewable energy goal in Traverse City, MI.

March 2018 MICAN Learning Call - Hawaii's 100% Renewable Energy Law

This month’s webinar brings us Melissa Miyashiro from Honolulu, Hawaii. She reports how she helped Hawaii to pass a 100% renewable energy law, and suggests ways that Michigan…

Michigan Farmers & Residents Praise Wind Power

Michiganders in two key wind-power counties find much to like from their renewable energy experiences.

Fossil Free Fast Livestream

Watch the Fossil Free Fast livestream here on Wednesday, January 31 1t 8:00 PM. We invite you to sign up to get involved in climate action in Michigan.

Michigan is Watching the Fossil Free Fast Livestream Event

Michigan Climate Action Network helped to organize a dozen climate watch parties around Michigan.

M-72 Solar Park Dedication

A new one-megawatt renewable energy solar park was dedicated in Traverse City. This project is moving the city closer to its 100% renewable energy goal.

September 2017 MICAN Conference Call

In this meeting of the Michigan Climate Action Network, Douglas Jester, a partner at 5 Lakes Energy, specializing in utility regulation and energy policy, research, and modeling, to…

Michigan Residents Work to Heal the Climate

While wildfires and hurricanes devastate our country, people in Michigan are working to address climate change. 

Peter Sinclair’s Climate Videos Featured on

Climate Quickies: Scientists (Briefly) Discuss Climate ChangeBy Phil Plait One of the problems with debunking climate change deniers is that they reuse old, long-debunked claims over and over,…


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