With generous support from the Colina Foundation, MiCAN eagerly launched this year's edition of the Michigan Climate Champion Awards to recognize individuals doing exceptional work to address the climate crisis in Michigan, with a theme of Ending the Era of Fossil Fuels.

Meet the Winners

Given our regular engagement with the breadth of our network, we understand and appreciate the importance of recognizing both professional advocates who are achieving great things in our state, as well as volunteers who do not get paid to do this work and youth leaders driving change.

Climate Champion Awards

  1. The Climate Champion Award goes to a professional doing exceptional climate and justice work for an organization, a municipality, or business in Michigan;
  2. The Climate Action Award is awarded to an individual doing exceptional climate and justice work as a volunteer for an organization in Michigan. This award recipient receives a $1,000 prize for a non-profit of their choice; and,
  3. The Young Climate Leader Award goes to a student or youth doing exceptional work as a volunteer or individual. This award recipient is granted a $1,000 prize.

The Theme: While MiCAN's approach is to focus on the positive solutions to move forward in the renewable energy economy, we recognize that the first, most logical step in addressing the climate crisis is to shut off the "faucet," eliminating our reliance on fossil fuels. The 2023 awards theme was "Ending the Era of Fossil Fuels," aimed at honoring anyone working on utility campaigns and/or dismantling the infrastructure that supports fossil fuels: coal plants, oil pipelines, etc. Please know we prefer to remain less prescriptive about nominee credentials; if there is a creative connection between a candidate and the criteria, we love to learn about it.

Deadline: We're sorry, the nomination window has now passed. Keep your candidates in mind for next year, and help us congratulate this year's recipients!

Nominations are accepted starting in September, and winners are selected by MiCAN staff and a selection of steering committee members to be announced during our Winter Members' Meeting. This is an annual award, and new themes will be chosen for 2024, 2025, and 2026.



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