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Tell President Biden to Shut Down Line 5

It is long past time to lean on President Biden to shut down the outdated and dangerous oil infrastructure lurking under our fresh water. When Governor Whitmer revoked Enbridge Inc.'s permission to use the Great Lakes for its faulty, 70-year-old crude oil pipeline last year, Enbridge refused to comply. But, Biden still has the power to put an end to this urgent, daily threat to our fresh water.

Line 5's very existence undermines the state and federal carbon neutrality goals we seek. Let's put people over profits and stop entertaining unnecessary and reckless plans for future carbon infrastructure.

Sign Petition Urging Biden to Shut Down Line 5

Already signed the petition? Send a message directly to your Legislators to do the same! Let your Representative and Senator in Congress know we need them, too, to tell President Biden to act now and revoke the presidential permit for Line 5's operation.

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CAC logoFederal Rules

Our health – and our climate – can’t wait: Finalize the strongest possible federal pollution standards by May

Petition President Biden and EPA Administrator Regan to act boldly and swiftly to finalize and implement the strongest possible pollution standards by May of 2024 to meet our climate, public health and environmental justice goals.

EPA releases final methane pollution rule 

On December 2nd, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its final rule to cut methane pollution and other harmful air pollutants from the oil and gas sector. This rule will take an important step forward in providing safeguards from dangerous methane pollution that will help solve the climate crisis, protect public health, and create good careers in the clean economy. These new critical and enforceable safeguards will help protect the health of environmental justice communities and those living on the frontlines of oil and gas extraction as well as the health and safety of energy workers.

The EPA estimates that total resulting emission reductions from 2024 to 2038 are estimated to be 58 million tons of methane, a greenhouse gas responsible for over a quarter of the planet’s current warming.

Other Federal Updates

Defend our Health: Tell Your Governor that the EPA Must Set Strong Air Pollution Standards

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is about to finalize air quality standards for fine particulate matter and your voice is desperately needed! While we have been fighting to strengthen the National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS) for fine particle pollution, the fossil fuel industry has been spending millions to convince the EPA to adopt weaker standards.

Weaker standards will leave our communities and our patients exposed to this dangerous pollutant. Add your name in support of the strongest PM2.5 standards >

The nation urgently needs a suite of strong protections finalized that will clean up pollution from cars, trucks and power plants. Join the American Lung Association in thanking President Biden and EPA for strong methane limits and urging them to get the rest of their clean air to-do list across the finish line. Sign the letter >

The Fifth National Climate Assessment

To equip Americans with the best available science and understanding of climate change impacts in the United States, President Biden released the Fifth National Climate Assessment (NCA5) on November 14, 2023. NCA5 is a congressionally mandated interagency effort that provides the scientific foundation to support informed decision-making across the United States by assessing changes in the climate, its national and regional impacts, and options for reducing present and future risk. It indicates that not only is every region of the country already experiencing the impacts of climate change, but ambitious climate action is underway in every region as well.


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