With a slim pro-climate majority in Congress and a climate champion in the White House, we have a unique opportunity to pass federal policy to address the climate crisis in this critical decade.

Over the past year, we have worked hard with partners across the state to make sure Michigan’s Congressional Delegation does everything they can to pass into law the historic climate justice policies in the Build Back Better Act. This policy would invest billions of dollars in wind, solar and efficiency to move us toward 100% renewable energy; create a Civilian Climate Corps to put people to work in good-paying jobs; invest billions in electric vehicle charging stations and EV rebates; modernize the electrical grid; and make major investments in environmental justice communities. 

We helped organize events with Representatives Rashida Tlaib, Andy Levin, Debbie Dingell, and at the office of Representative Elissa Slotkin. We met with the staff of Senators Stabenow and Peters. We organized hundreds of calls and emails into their offices.

In late November, the House passed BBBA, with historic funding for climate solutions intact (to the tune of $555 billion). On December 19, Sen. Joe Manchin declared that he would not vote for the package. Since the Senate Democrats need every single vote for this to pass, this was a major blow.

As we head into summer '22, we are now pushing our Michigan senators to pass the budget reconciliation package before the Senate breaks for summer recess. This is our last best chance to pass desperately needed climate provisions while we have this slim pro-climate majority in power. Click here to take action now and contact your senators today.

Fossil fuel interests are still doing everything they can to try to stop the bill and are pressuring the Senate to water down this language and climate provisions. These special interests have succeeded in delaying action on climate change for decades. We cannot let them succeed in watering down these bills.

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Thank you for using your voice during this crucial window for federal climate justice action!



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