Every day, nearly 23 million gallons of oil flow through two aging pipelines in the heart of the Great Lakes known as Line 5. Not only does Line 5 put the Great Lakes at enormous risk from an oil spill, the oil carried by this pipeline once refined and burned creates a huge carbon spill into the atmosphere. 


Enbridge, a Canadian-based oil transport giant that owns and operates Line 5, is now attempting to replace the pipeline with an oil tunnel that would carry millions of gallons of climate-harming fossil fuels every day through our state for up to 99 more years. There is no doubt that extending the life of this pipeline would exacerbate climate change and the impacts we are already experiencing in Michigan. 

The Michigan Climate Action Network is working hard to shut down the Enbridge Line 5 oil pipeline and stop the proposed oil tunnel.

Stopping the Tunnel

To build a tunnel, first Enbridge needs approval from the US Army Corps of Engineers and Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC). MiCAN has teamed up with attorneys at the Environmental Law & Policy Center to intervene in this case and make sure the impacts this new oil infrastructure would have on the climate are considered.

  • In April 2021, we won an important victory when the MPSC ruled to include climate change in Enbridge's Line 5 permit hearing.  This was a HUGE win, and the first time a state agency is including climate in a review under the Michigan Environmental Protection Act, and the Commissioners overturned the ruling of the Administrative Law Judge to exclude evidence of climate change. This came after our attorneys argued our case to the Commissioners this spring, and we also submitted as public comment a letter signed by 120 businesses and over 2000 people urging the MPSC to include climate change evidence in their review of the proposed Line 5 tunnel. 


  • In June 2021, the Acting Army assistant secretary announced their decision to require the US Army Corp to conduct a full Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on Enbridge's proposed tunnel around Line 5. This is a step that could slow down Enbridge's plans and should result in significant new information about the dangerous climate effects of this proposed project. We fully expect that climate will be included in this EIS, based on executive action by President Biden and statements by the Secretary of Defense, and should result in significant new information about the climate effects of this dangerous and unnecessary tunnel project. 


  • In September 2021, four expert witnesses weighed in with the Michigan Public Service Commission and presented their evidence about whether Enbridge should be allowed to build an oil tunnel beneath the Great Lakes. They used climate data to study the project’s environmental impact, a first under the Michigan Environmental Protection Act. Their findings were clear and undeniable: allowing this oil tunnel to be built will exacerbate the climate crisis, result in an estimated 27 million metric tons of CO2 emitted every year, and will cost tens, if not hundreds of billions of dollars in net climate impacts as a result of the added emissions. We expect a final decision from the MPSC this summer.


Shutting Down Line 5

Michigan can be the first state to shut down an oil pipeline. While pipelines are federally regulated, Line 5 is unique because it crosses the Great Lakes bottomlands, so Enbridge holds an easement from the State of Michigan for the use of the Great Lakes public trust resource. Enbridge has violated this easement multiple times and Michigan's Governor, Attorney General, and legislature have a legal pathway to shut down Line 5.

In November 2020, Gov. Whitmer ordered the shut down of Line 5 by May 2021, but Enbridge continues to illegally operate this pipeline and is fighting to block her action. 

President Biden can shut down Line 5 by revoking the Presidential permit for Line 5.  Click here to use your voice and send Biden a tweet or call him.

Get more involved with the campaign to Shut Down the flow of oil in Line 5 with our partners at the Oil & Water Don't Mix Campaign. 

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  • Edward  HC Graydon
    commented 2021-05-13 07:51:30 -0400
    I am really surprised that the governor of Michigan is taking the position to close down the pipeline .It is really a. fantastic political move for the Americans and Joe Biden . They don’t lose out too much and the move is a real game changer for the planet as a whole?

    I suppose some in Canada will decry this as treason ? But I believe it is worth the time and effort to support the closing of pipeline 5 regardless of possible ramifications to our country! …In Canada our prime minister Justine Trudeau continues to support the oil industry to the amount of $18 billion a year .He stated in response to Joe Biden when cancelling the XL Pipe that he was “disappointed” that was a sign to all environmentalists on the planet regardless of country that Canada really has no intentions of reducing oil production . When you state “disappointment “ while supporting a major contributing factor to climate change in the amount of $18 billion it is completely oposite to the American stance at this time in history.

    By fighting in court to have pipeline 5 stay in operation Canada is acting counter productively to its goal in the Paris agreement. Canada needs to step aside and let the United States impose its will upon us for the betterment of planet as a whole.

    Edward HC Graydon
  • Edward  HC Graydon
    commented 2021-05-12 14:25:46 -0400
    I think it is impossible for any Canadian to proclaim they believed Justine Trudeau was pro oil before he was elected!In fact I think if Trudeau wants to keep his voters who believe the underlying premise that the Canadian oil industry should be shut down in its entirety .He should capitulate to the Americans I think the planet would be at a turning point in reducing fossil fuel dependence if he did. I think if Trudeau suddenly came to the immediate understanding that doing so reduces the possibility of contamination of the Great Lakes beyond any possible repair ,should such a leak take place . I think the Americans are doing the right thing by the planet as a whole and Justine Trudeau needs to capitulate and realise the American frame of thinking at this time in history is ultimately better for the planet. The immediate financial consequences should the Americans get the outcome they desire are inconsequential and an acceptable outcome in reality . Shutting down pipeline 5 is a really good move for the environmentalist and those in power to achieve the goal of making the world oil free.

    I think Justine Trudeau could weather the storm if he where capitulate to the Americans.

    Edward HC Graydon
  • Ashley Soltysiak
    commented 2020-08-30 20:02:00 -0400
    William – The best independent data says that 95% of the product in Line 5 crosses Michigan and ends up in Canada. Until we ultimately transition away from the use of fossil fuels, the product that Michigan does use can be provided by other sources that don’t threaten the world’s greatest supply of fresh surface water.
  • william
    commented 2020-06-24 20:09:57 -0400
    How important is the need for the oil that is transported in the pipeline to our state? If the Line 5 were shut down would the oil be transported by truck to Michigan our sent to Canada?
  • william
    commented 2020-06-24 20:00:02 -0400
    If the pipeline is shut down, a friend is asking me how “the product will get to where it is supposed to go?” I told him Michigan can do without it. What is a best response? Thanks
  • John Edwards
    commented 2020-05-04 01:00:54 -0400
    Shut it down now


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