Michigan Climate Action Network was created to elevate the issue of climate change in our state, to be the voice willing to call for a rapid shift to alternative energy sources, and to build a stronger climate movement to achieve this transition to 100% renewable energy. We are focusing our efforts on four main areas:  


1. Equitably Transition to 100% Clean Energy 

Detroit SkylineIn September 2020, Governor Whitmer signed an executive order that commits Michigan to be carbon neutral in all sectors - electricity, transportation, and buildings - by 2050, and to achieve 28% cuts in emissions by 2025. This is in line with what scientific bodies like the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change deem necessary to avoid catastrophic impacts of global warming. A complete shift to carbon-free energy sources will be a big task and will take some time to achieve.  We must get started now and we must make sure that everyone benefits, especially those most impacted by pollution, climate, and loss of jobs from this transition.

A study done by Stanford University found that fully powering Michigan with renewable energy by 2050 would create nearly 150,000 jobs, save more than 1,700 lives per year, and save the average Michigander close to $11,000 annually in energy, health, and climate costs. Many other studies have backed up these findings. We are working to support this 


2. Electrify Transportation and Mobility for All

Wind TurbineTransportation makes up about 1/3 of Michigan's climate emissions, and pollution that impacts the health of our communities. To meet our climate goals and improve the health and quality of life for all Michiganders, we must rapidly transition away from fossil fuel powered vehicles. This means accelerating the transition to electric vehicles and the building of charging infrastructure across our state. This also means reducing the need for individual vehicles by making communities more walkable and bike-able, and investing in public transportation that is convenient and accessible to everyone. What's happening with electrifying transportation?


3. Just Say No to Oil Pipelines

pipelinepylone16-9.jpgMichigan’s Great Lakes are our pride and joy, but they are also hosting an aging fossil fuel pipeline. Every day, Enbridge Line 5 transports 23 million gallons of Canadian fossil fuels that threaten the health of the Lakes, and when burned, spill greenhouse gasses into our atmosphere and pollution into the air we breathe. Oil refineries like the Marathon refinery in Detroit, expose communities to enormous amounts of pollution. Building an oil tunnel is not the answer. Michigan is uniquely positioned to administer the contract held by the pipeline’s owner. This inflection point gives us the power and responsibility to stop the flow of oil, all while influencing a clean energy transformation of our transportation system to eliminate the need for the product carried by the pipeline. Find out more about Line 5.


4. Fight for Climate Policies in Communities and in Lansing


Passing state policies will be necessary to achieve a just transition to clean energy. Part of all of our campaign work will be to build momentum and a cultural shift in support of policies that move forward climate solutions for all, both among the public and decision makers. We also will work to support policies, like renewable energy standards and emissions regulations, and prevent policy gains from being rolled back under the Trump administration. Find out how we are fighting for clean energy policy.

Communities around the state are also leading the way with climate and justice policies that reduce pollution and make communities more resilient. MiCAN has been involved in supporting and even leading some efforts to pass ambitious city climate policies, and we strive to use our tools to support more community efforts. 

The Michigan Climate Action Network calls on you to join us to create the future we want to see, and one that our citizens, and all humans and species, need for our collective survival.

Join us today. Only working together can we create the future that everyone and everything needs.


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  • Robert Lippert
    commented 2023-11-19 10:21:30 -0500
    We need to bring back clean energy hydroelectric with Milford Pentibone hydroelectric plant as pumped hydroelectric. Restore the turbines for this hydroelectric power plant 24/7 power equivalent to solar on 100 homes could power Milford water and much of downtown Milford.


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