The Internet is full of information about climate change. So much so, that it can become overwhelming very quickly. There is also a lot of incorrect information out there.

We have a unique position here in the United States. There are powerful interests that are not interested in upsetting the status quo of our fossil fuel based economy. As a result, much effort and money have been spent to seed doubt about the existence of climate change. This doubt has given much of the general public a false-equivalency, pitting the facts of climate against the belief in these facts. When 97% of the scientists that study climate change agree that human activity is the cause, it would be wise to listen.

Learn Then Act

One of the purposes of our website is to share what residents of Michigan need to know about our changing climate. But knowing is just a start. It is important to take action, so we invite you to explore what the Michigan Climate Action Network is focusing on to help our state reduce its impact on the climate, and then take the next step by getting involved.

We invite you to explore the pages here to learn the basics about climate change, find out how climate change is affecting Michigan, and then check out the solutions that the Michigan Climate Action Network is working on to give residents of our state the best chances for a livable future.

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