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Gov. Whitmer Sets Bold New Climate Goal

The new climate Executive Orders set Michigan on a path to carbon-neutrality by 2050.

Take Action Now - send email to thank Gov. Whitmer and urge your Michigan lawmakers to make the goal a reality.

We just had a huge climate win! On September 23, Gov. Whitmer signed one of the most ambitious climate Executive Orders (EO) in the country. Her action puts Michigan on a path to be carbon neutral by 2050, to cut climate pollution 28% by 2025, and prioritizes environmental justice and job creation.

This action is a huge step forward, and now we must get to work to meet these goals. Send an email now to thank Gov. Whitmer for making Michigan a leader on climate action, and to urge Michigan policymakers to prioritize climate solutions.


Governor Whitmer’s EO sets a goal for Michigan to achieve economy-wide carbon neutrality no later than 2050, with the short-term goal to cut climate pollution 28% by 2025. These goals apply to every sector of the economy – from electricity to transportation to heating and cooling of buildings. The EO also creates an Advisory Council on Climate Solutions to help come up with a plan for achieving these ambitious goals. Learn more and take part in making this a reality here.

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