16493-men-and-women-at-a-town-hall-meeting-pv.jpgThe Michigan Climate Action Network is a network of groups and individuals working to build and mobilize a powerful grassroots movement in the Great Lakes state to call for clean energy solutions that will put us on a path to climate stability and climate justice. We support citizen actions that bring urgency and advance progress to slow climate change.

We Envision:

• A country and state where individuals, communities, businesses and elected leaders are working towards solutions to climate change.

• Prioritizing clean energy sources like solar and wind power, and phasing out dirty fossil fuels.

• Placing Michigan on a path to reaching 100 percent clean energy by 2050 to create a stable, sustainable climate.

Our network fosters and facilitates collaborative efforts to share information, coordinate activities, and develop strategies across diverse organizations and constituencies to address climate change.

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Steering Committee

Kate Madigan, Chair Michigan Environmental Council
Deb Hansen Concerned Citizens of Cheboygan & Emmett Counties
David Holtz Sierra Club Michigan Chapter
Elizabeth Dell Citizens Climate Lobby
Mara Herman Ecology Center
Jim Lively Groundwork Center for Resilient Communities
Jim Moreno Activist & County Commissioner, Isabella County
Lynna Kaucheck Food & Water Watch
Tom Porter Porter Family Foundation
Eric Douglas Detroit Climate Action Collaborative
Peter Sinclair Climate Crocks.com and Yale Climate Connections


Our Story

Bus Trip to People's Climate MarchWe planted the seeds of the Michigan Climate Action Network when traveling on six charter buses from Michigan to the People’s Climate March in New York City in 2014. We marched with 400,000 others to call for action on climate change, and we returned home with an even stronger commitment to work for a livable planet. 

Many of the marchers from Michigan spent two nights on a bus to get to and from Manhattan. We marched alongside parents with their young children, senior citizens, students, dignitaries and frontline communities like people who lost their homes in hurricanes and floods, and others that lived next to toxic petcoke.

Two things became evident to us at the march:

1. There are many people willing to make sacrifices and work hard for climate solutions.

2. We can achieve more if we organize and work together.

We began talking about how to connect all of the people working on climate change in Michigan, and how to build a stronger and more powerful movement to elevate the issue and to advance solutions in our state. The Michigan Climate Action Network was born.

Michigan at People's Climate March

We held our first meeting on February 2015 in Lansing, and we quickly grew to a membership of over 20 organizations. In our first year, we established the network, held climate events and rallies in Michigan, and decided together what we wanted to accomplish. Now in our second year, our goals are to exponentially grow the climate movement and make climate change one of the top issues in our state.

Many citizens and groups in Michigan want action on climate change. The Michigan Climate Action Network is working to bring everyone together to make sure our state acts for solutions to climate change with urgency the crisis requires.

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