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  • Tameron Williams-Baker
    commented 2020-08-18 15:37:15 -0400
    Hey ,

    My name is Tameron, I’m the digital marketing specialist here at Gud Marketing. I’m reaching out to get more information about advertising opportunities on your platforms. I look forward to connecting with you. Let me know if you have any questions.

    Thank you!
  • Nicole Card
    commented 2020-08-04 15:28:48 -0400

    My name is Nicole and I was reaching out to see if MiCAN has any job openings that you’re looking to fill right now. I’m a recent graduate with a bachelors degree in environmental science, and a Michigan native. I’m really passionate about climate change science and policy, as well as environmental justice. I’ve been an individual member of MiCAN for a while, and I would love to apply with my full resume and any additional information if you have any positions open. Please let me know if you have any opportunities for me.

    Thank you for your time,

  • Bryce Emley
    commented 2020-07-27 15:19:44 -0400
    Hi, I’m the events coordinator for the University of New Mexico Press. I’m looking for opportunities for virtual lectures with author and NMU professor James McCommons about his latest book Camera Hunter: George Shiras III and the Birth of Wildlife Photography sometime in the fall. I’m writing to see if Michigan Climate Action Network would be interested in co-hosting.

    If you’re interested, all that would be entailed is a helping us publicize the event to your members and possibly supplying someone to lead a virtual discussion about the book with Jim. Ideally this would be in conjunction with a Michigan bookstore that can host on Zoom or Facebook Live.

    I can send a physical copy or digital PDF of the book to anyone who would want to participate. You can learn more about the book at the link below, which chronicles the environmental and photographic contributions of Shiras, a Michigan lawyer, conservationist, and photographer who innovated nighttime photography and worked with Roosevelt to pass important environmental legislation.

    Thanks for your time, and let me know if you have any interest or questions.
  • John Dee
    commented 2020-07-13 21:26:16 -0400
    Director of the Michigan Climate Action Network Kate Madigan stated to Northern Express that “Five-hundred-year storms are happening every few years”. Without citing any evidence, this is a totally baseless claim. What is the basis of this statement? Is she referencing any documented events? If so, what are they? What is the tangible rationale for her claim – that is being used to support and “substantiate” her position?

    If one is taking a position, that uses actual science and evidence, that individual needs to be able to back up their statements with that data. I suspect that no such evidence has been researched, vetted, or in any way confirmed as an actual and indisputable fact. So unless I get a response that can reliably refute MY suspicions and doubt, she is simply making stuff up to scare readers and gullible minds into following her group-think lies.

    Prove it. I dare you to even try.
  • Kathleen Klage
    commented 2020-06-25 20:08:50 -0400
    Please advise if it possible to share and listen again to “After the Flood” ?
  • Naomi Zimmermann
    commented 2020-06-18 19:30:02 -0400
    I am inquiring about the email of the executive director, if you could provide me with this information I would appreciate it!
  • Presley Nuutinen
    commented 2020-06-04 22:14:01 -0400

    We are 350 Chequamegon Bay, a relatively new branch of in the Chequamegon Bay region of northern Wisconsin, along the shore of Lake Superior. As you are probably aware, the Bad River Tribe has sued to remove Enbridge Line 5 from their reservation and Enbridge is planning a reroute around the reservation, but still within the same watershed. The Wisconsin Public Services Commission (PSC) has the power to approve or deny eminent domain for the project. In an effort to prevent this expansion, we have started a petition to request that the Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSC) hold a full hearing before they allow the Enbridge Line 5 expansion. We were hoping you could promote this petition, and/or share it with any other relevant groups in your area. We have until June 10 to collect signatures.

    Petition Link:

    Facebook Event:

    Petition Language: "We love and depend on clean water. Our rivers and lakes are a vital economic and cultural resource. We depend on them for drinking water, wild rice, tourism, fishing, boating, recreation, and much more. So why would we allow the construction of a new pipeline—and the risk of an oil spill in these waters—to threaten our economy and our way of life? YOU can help protect your watershed by signing this petition and asking the PSC to conduct a full and fair administrative hearing (known as a “proceeding”) in response to Enbridge’s application for a public interest determination. A proceeding would allow for expert testimony and more opportunities for public input.


    Early in May, the Wisconsin PSC opened an investigation into an Enbridge application which asks for permission to condemn land (i.e., take without a property owner’s consent) in their efforts to create a new segment of a hazardous liquid pipeline known as Line 5. To allow Enbridge the power to exercise eminent domain and condemn land, the PSC will have to determine that this pipeline is in the “public interest.” Line 5 transports crude oil from Canada, through the United States, and exits in Canada. It provides NO value to Wisconsin and indeed, offers only extreme risk to the environment and our economy."


    Ella Syverson, Eric Morud, and Presley Nuutinen

    350 Chequamegon Bay

    [email protected]
  • Morna Hallsaxton
    commented 2020-06-03 18:28:03 -0400
    I really resent the email from Kate Madigan, from your organization, claiming that “murders of georgie Floyd, Breonna Taylor,” and others “often at the hands of the police”.. oh- you didn’t see the police cars burned, police man ran over and innocent business bystanders murdered ?? at the hands of those rioting?? You oppose the president of the United States who is trying to make America safe?? What are the democratic governors doing about the riots? watching? Kate talks about “White Supremacist System”- oh, you mean rich democratic politicians paying for those rioting? What is Biden saying now for his win to presidency??? Might want to get some FACTS and TRUTH about what is going on before you start spewing false accusations. DON"T ever email me again!!
  • Rick Barnett
    commented 2020-05-21 13:55:49 -0400
    I just saw an article about Kate Madigan/ MIcan’s opposition to DTE’s IRP. I have a residential efficiency idea that reduces fossil fuel use and creates unsubsidized local green jobs.

    Thermal retrofits could be connected to your engagement with the MPSC.

    Please get back for details
  • Robert Rothko
    commented 2020-04-30 07:51:16 -0400
    Hi Michigan Climate Action Network,

    I hope you are staying safe and healthy in these uncertain times.

    For this past Earth Day, I released a song about climate change action called “Coffee.” Just yesterday, the official music video was released, which features quotes and facts about climate change as well as stunning photography from nature and wildlife photographers around the world.

    I would love for you to share the video. You can view it on YouTube here:


    Robert Rothko
  • Sara Yaseen
    commented 2020-03-10 11:12:34 -0400
    Hi there,

    Do you or someone you know want to work on the 2020 presidential as full-time staffer?! The 2020 Organizing Corps is offering three paid training programs in Flint, Detroit, & Madison Heights, Michigan that are onramps to the campaign. We’ve extended the application deadline to March 13th. Please let me know if you are interested in helping to spread the word:
  • Carl Page
    commented 2020-03-01 19:48:39 -0500
    At the ANthropocene Institute we like donating to good orgs confronting climate change.

    But we only sent $250 because you guys are not intellectually honest.

    Still 90% right..

    Your entire site doesn’t mention “nuclear power”. You must be aware that its climate safe and health safe. Or believe otherwise. But in either case you self censor and cannot discuss it. That’s sad.

    You don’t even have the word “nuclear” on your site.

    That proves you are more anti-nuclear than pro-climate.
  • steve kokette
    commented 2020-02-26 07:22:25 -0500
    I’m creating a national directory of businesses that have done renewable projects so consumers can patronize them. You can see what stage it’s at at I’m not satisfied with the Michigan list and was hoping your members could inform me about businesses in Michigan that should be on the list but aren’t.

    Steve Kokette

    This website is devoted to reducing global warming/climate change by informing consumers in the U.S., whether travelling or at home, where they might spend their money to reward businesses that have done (or whose landlords have done) renewable energy projects to make, store, etc., their products and services.
  • Steve Beitler
    commented 2020-02-24 13:52:23 -0500
    I’m researching state legislative activity on global warming/climate change; I’m wondering if Michigan’s House or Senate has proposed legislation on these topics in the last two years. My initial search of the state legislature’s web site hasn’t shown much. Thank you!
  • Biba Adams
    commented 2020-02-20 13:58:47 -0500
    Hi. I am writing to inquire if there are media passes available for the conference. I forgot to register, but still want to attend to cover for Energy News Network. I hope you can help.
  • Amber Todoroff
    commented 2020-01-30 12:05:06 -0500
    My name is Amber Todoroff and I’m a policy associate at the Environmental and Energy Study Institute. EESI is a nonpartisan, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable societies.

    EESI holds a few dozen Congressional briefings a year on a variety of environmental/clean energy topics. We are currently focusing on regional coastal resilience and nature-based resilient solutions.

    Our next briefing will cover the Great Lakes. It will be held on February 13th and feature experts who will speak on tribal, agricultural, wildland, and urban adaptation efforts. The briefing will be in Washington, DC, but can be livestreamed from anywhere.

    I thought I’d put it on your radar in case someone from MiCAN would be interested in watching/attending:
  • Nova Donley
    commented 2020-01-23 12:42:14 -0500
    Dear Friends,

    In 1993 the United Nations General Assembly celebrated the first designated World Water Day. It is a means of “focusing attention on the importance of freshwater and advocacy for the sustainable management of freshwater resources”. (

    In the past, West Michigan has been under-represented. To this end, a small group of grass-root organizers are organizing an event over the weekend of March 20,21, and of course on World Water Day itself. These events are spread across Muskegon and Ottawa counties.

    The goals of this celebration include

    • Celebrate the Great Lakes and the important part they play in the larger scope of the World’s water supply.

    • Bring awareness that we, as global citizens, have an awesome responsibility as stewards of the water.

    We are inviting spiritual leaders, community groups, and others to come together Sunday March 22nd between the hours of 1:00 and 4:00 in Grand Haven to “Speak for the Water”. We are calling all those who are interested and willing to offer a song, poem, teaching or prayer for the water and environment, to help meet our goals.

    We would like to add your voice to the list. Do you, your faith community, or organization, have a message of hope and protection of the planet and water to share? If not and it is possible, we are also asking for financial support for the event. We are taking donations through paypal by donating at [email protected].

    Contact Shannon Donley to add your voice to ours for the water.

    Shannon’s contact information:616-304-2099 or e-mail [email protected].
  • Cristin Dougherty
    commented 2020-01-12 13:51:41 -0500
    Good afternoon,

    I grew up in Michigan. I now live in Arizona and I am a Phoenix public school teacher. I recently published a children’s book about helping the earth. My dad who still lives locally illustrated it. Do you ever work with local authors and illustrators?

    Here is a link to my book:

    Thank you for your time :)


    Cristin Dougherty
  • Elaine Fischhoff
    commented 2020-01-08 11:31:15 -0500
    I and the League of Women Voters of the Lansing Area are trying to get the City of Lansing — Mayor and Council - to adopt a Climate Emergency Resolution, create a sustainability manager position, create a climate action plan, form an advisory environmental board, and appoint commissioners to the Lansing Board of Water and Light that have a utility and/or renewables/pro-sustainability background (2 will be appointed this year for a July 1 start) You put our Resolution in your “News” Can you help us promote these goals with the City of Lansing. I’ll be speaking at the Council meeting at 7 pm this coming Monday January 13 and hope to get some additional bodies to show up in support. Can you help? Elaine Fischhoff, [email protected], 517 449-9713
  • Will Smith
    commented 2019-12-31 04:07:30 -0500
    We would like to invite you to attend “9th World Climate Congress & Expo” which will be scheduled on April 06-07 in Bangkok, Thailand.

    Based on your knowledge and expertise we would like to invite you as a Speaker/Delegate/Workshop/Exhibitor/Sponsors for our conference.

    Please visit the website:

    We are looking forward for your response.

    Thanks & Regards

    Will Smith

    Program Manager | Climate Congress & Expo 2020

    April 06-07 | Bangkok, Thailand

    Call/Whatsapp: +44 1797 290013
  • Ellis Boal
    commented 2019-12-05 21:24:57 -0500
    I just signed up to be at Grand Rapids tomorrow Friday. This will ask for 5-6 minutes at the mike to give an update on the Committee to Ban Fracking in Michigan. We submitted 271,000 voter signatures to the Secretary of State for a 2020 ballot initiative a year ago, and she returned them without canvassing or counting. Our initiative language would require state oil-gas regulators to protect climate, a task they do not even claim do under the current law, enacted in 1939. Also the initiative would ban horizontal fracking and its waste in the state. No other state statute or pending bill requires regulators to protect climate. We filed our brief in the Michigan Court of Appeals last month. Download it at http://letsbanfracking.lorg/lawsuit . I gave a similar talk at the Traverse City climate rally in September. Thank you.
  • steve kokette
    commented 2019-11-28 18:04:55 -0500
    Please visit It uses a new idea to reduce global warming/climate change.
  • Josh Wolff
    commented 2019-11-07 17:51:19 -0500
    Hello MI Climate Action,

    I’m a student working on a new gamified way to make volunteers and supporters more engaged with any campaign (for free of course).

    Would you have any time to talk to me on Friday?


  • Josh Messner
    commented 2019-10-28 15:48:44 -0400
    Dear Colleagues,

    I work on the marketing and communications team in the University of Michigan School of Public Health. It’s good to meet you!

    We recently published online an article titled Climate Matters in Michigan: Pressing Realities for a State and a Region and wanted to pass it along in case you were interested in sharing it.

    It is a discussion among five colleagues about what climate change will mean for the state of Michigan’s environment and its people.

    You are more than welcome to repost this on your site, and we can provide images at different dimensions as needed

    Thanks so much, and please let me know if you have any questions.

    -Josh Messner
  • Paul Munsen
    commented 2019-10-07 08:36:30 -0400
    Partnership Program Contact Request

    Please let us know who to contact regarding a possible member/subscriber benefit. partnership.

    Thank you!

    Warmly yours,

    Paul M. Munsen


    Web site:
  • Nicholas Ginex
    commented 2019-09-25 17:21:06 -0400
    Dear people dedicated to eliminating Climate Change,

    IMPORTANT!! Millions of people around the world have organized rallies to fight Climate Change. Yet, they are IGNORANT of two of the greatest technological discoveries of our era that will eliminate the threat of Climate Change and poverty. These millions of people NEED to be informed by reading Section 3.0 of

    You need to help educate and inform people world-wide that there is a solution that has NOT been disclosed but kept secret by the military and aerospace corporations in the United States.

    Also read the CONCLUSIONS of the paper.

    Let me know how I may help your cause further.

    Sincerely, Nicholas
  • Aamina Hussain
    commented 2019-09-23 10:40:39 -0400
  • Jan BenDor
    commented 2019-09-02 10:55:36 -0400
    Is any climate group in Michigan considering a petition drive to place a measure on the ballot? DTE is doing everything possible to deter customers from installing solar, etc., and the PSC won’t stop them. A ballot measure to establish “energy freedoms” would also help to drive pro-enviro turnout in 2020. I am a veteran of the 2014 Climate March in NYC and also an experienced leader of ballot proposal drives.
  • Paul Clements
    commented 2019-08-31 06:59:24 -0400
    The Kalamazoo Climate Crisis Coalition is organizing a Kalamazoo Climate Strike with a program from 3-6pm on September 20 at the Arcadia Festival Site.
  • Brielle Chalou
    commented 2019-08-26 17:07:26 -0400


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