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  • Sydney Rabishaw
    commented 2017-02-25 23:19:36 -0500
    Hello, I am working with the DAPJN to create a list of Peace groups in Michigan. I am looking for a contact person, a phone number and an email address.
  • Agnes Robakiewicz
    commented 2017-02-21 14:46:14 -0500
    Hi, my name is Agnes Robakiewicz. I recently started a 350 chapter for the Detroit metro area and we would love to collaborate on any current and future campaigns. We’re particularly interested in expanding Michigan’s renewable energy network and encouraging our elected representatives to put a price on greenhouse gases. I participated in the conference call regarding the Peoples Climate Movement march in Washington, DC on April 29th. Detroit 350 would love to collaborate on organizing buses to DC, as well as forming a local march in Detroit
  • Mary Wickwire
    commented 2017-02-10 16:06:06 -0500
    My granddaughter Caitlyn Thomasson, who lives in Santa Rosa, Ca., has joined your group and has asked me to join it also. I am Mary Wickwire and I live in Ludington, MI. So I will do that.
  • Flo Smith
    commented 2017-02-02 11:56:16 -0500
    Thanks for all your work for a healthy Michigan environment. I have been following our new District One Rep, Jack Bergman. He does not have the same environmental concerns that we share. If you could share your good work with him and the concerns of his constituents, I would greatly appreciate it. I am also calling him with my concerns.
  • Anna Fisher
    commented 2017-01-16 16:56:12 -0500
    I"m not sure if you’ve seen the Indivisible Guide

    I am going to the Women’s March in Lansing and will have a sign-up sheet for people who’d like to

    get involved. The area of top priority to me (others will work on other issues/causes) is the environment.

    Even if there isn’t any policy in the works right now, we could schedule a visit to our rep’s office to say

    “why aren’t you doing anything about this?”


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