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    MPSC CommissionersWithin weeks, the Michigan Public Service Commissioners (MPSC) will decide whether or not to consider the impacts of climate change in their review of Enbridge's proposed Line 5 oil tunnel. MPSC staff is encouraging them to exclude all evidence about climate impacts, even though this project would carry billions of gallons of oil for up to 99 years. It is unconscionable that this could be the case in the time of our climate emergency.

    Please join the many organizations that have already signed on to the letter that will be sent to the MPSC as public comment in this case. The paragraph below summarizes the full letter that we'll send with your name.

    This is a really important decision, and your support will make a difference.


    Dear Commissioners:

    Allowing Enbridge to build a massive oil tunnel - and to restart the Line 5 oil pipeline that Gov. Whitmer has ordered shut down - will have significant impacts on our climate and our state. Building this oil tunnel at a time when scientists say we must cut climate emissions by 45% this decade is a terrible idea, and Enbridge has been fighting to keep all evidence about climate change from even being considered. In the midst of the burgeoning climate crisis, it would be irresponsible to allow Enbridge to narrow the scope of the review of this project so severely that the most important issues are excluded. We urge you to include evidence about climate change, other significant environmental risks, and public need in your review of Enbridge’s proposed oil tunnel project.



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    Dear Friends,

    In 1993 the United Nations General Assembly celebrated the first designated World Water Day. It is a means of “focusing attention on the importance of freshwater and advocacy for the sustainable management of freshwater resources”. (

    In the past, West Michigan has been under-represented. To this end, a small group of grass-root organizers are organizing an event over the weekend of March 20,21, and of course on World Water Day itself. These events are spread across Muskegon and Ottawa counties.

    The goals of this celebration include

    • Celebrate the Great Lakes and the important part they play in the larger scope of the World’s water supply.

    • Bring awareness that we, as global citizens, have an awesome responsibility as stewards of the water.

    We are inviting spiritual leaders, community groups, and others to come together Sunday March 22nd between the hours of 1:00 and 4:00 in Grand Haven to “Speak for the Water”. We are calling all those who are interested and willing to offer a song, poem, teaching or prayer for the water and environment, to help meet our goals.

    We would like to add your voice to the list. Do you, your faith community, or organization, have a message of hope and protection of the planet and water to share? If not and it is possible, we are also asking for financial support for the event. We are taking donations through paypal by donating at [email protected]

    Contact Shannon Donley to add your voice to ours for the water.

    Shannon’s contact information:616-304-2099 or e-mail [email protected]

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