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    As a Vietnam vet I’m seeing my army buddies sicken and die from Agent Orange (Roundup) and now from the corona virus sweeping the world.

    Each of our days has an number.

    It’s clear that we have to hurry.

    As a businessman, federally certified as a specialist in water testing and pollution prevention, the opportunities are legion.

    As a human, I feel the suffering of our species, and others, and it’s easy to anticipate the end of the world as we know it.

    So my mind and soul turn to you.

    I’m running for the Presidency of the United States.

    The American Garden Party is the party of hope.

    But we have to hurry!

    There is a tipping point.

    So now Corona.

    An avalanche of disease, accelerating and building momentum to sweep away millions upon millions of lives.

    Here in Flint the virus is claiming lives and fortunes, on top of Flint’s other woes.

    Frozen in place, like the childhood game. But some have a foot in the air. The ground is crumbling beneath our feet. No safe place to stand.

    In doing some work with NASA in the 1980’s, I noticed that there was a motor powered by liquid nitrogen in the space shuttle.

    Since that day I have pondered and reflected on the use of liquid nitrogen (LN) in a variety of applications.

    LN is a universal biocide and herbicide.

    Non-toxic, benign, and universally abundant.

    As a power source, there are now LN powered cars on the market.

    I see a future where we can abandon the grid and stopper the pipelines.

    Trains and cars and trucks powered by LN

    On the poles, Greenland and other glacial spots, use solar, wind, and water to extract and compress atmospheric nitrogen to a liquid below 340 degrees F. (-210 C) and spray it back on the meltwater to refreeze the meltwater

    But we have to hurry. Now we have Corona.

    Corona virus can survive in frozen lakes.

    But the application of liquid nitrogen, colder than minus 340 degrees F, will break down the cell walls and kill the virus.

    Here is a opportunity!

    Job creation and sustainability and life saving methods.

    Use technicians and robots to spray down and fog the entrances to hospitals, schools, medical offices, factories, agricultural transport facilities, and cabs and trucks and trains and your home with Liquid Nitrogen.

    But we have to hurry! There is a tipping point!

    The plan is to protect, preserve, and rehabilitate Central High School to serve as the research and manufacturing center for liquid nitrogen units, as well as a training center for protective services, environmental testing and remediation, and high tech welding.

    The boilers at CHS are still intact.

    Along with an electrical engineer with IPALCO, in Indiana, I developed a plan to power electrical generating boilers with Liquid Nitrogen. As the LN expands to reach ambient air temperature it creates pressure, which can be used to power cars, boats and trains. There are now LN powered cars available in the EU.

    Yet here in the good old USA we continue to stumble recklessly forward with world-destroying fossil fuel power, with the fires, leaks and explosions which are inevitable.

    Here in Flint there is a debate as to whether Trump is An Agent of The Devil, or the devil himself.

    I have always been an Anti-Trumper. His corruption, bestial treatment of women, and rape of the poor, shocked and alarmed me.

    There is a better way.

    Yet I measure my own days and take each at the flood. The sun is bright here in Flint. The robins have returned and the hummingbirds are soon to follow.

    I need your support. We need your support.

    Staffing, recruitment, funding for a water research and distribution point on River Street.

    Redevelopment of Central High School for housing, businesses, restaurants. Do not abandon CHS!

    But most urgently, the proliferation of the use of LN to stop this threat. Many many will die. So we must hurry to flatten the curve here in Flint and across the world.

    This is hope for the people. Hope for the stock markets and the economy.

    Job creation and training. For Flint, Detroit, New York City, Istanbul, Nigeria.

    How can you help?

    I need volunteers and experts. Engineers and students. Marketing experts and gophers.

    A campaign manager and staff.

    My own needs are met through my VA benefits and social security, but travel is always in the future, particularly to my Irish ancestors and to Africa, and Korea, and Japan.

    My d/b/a business, White River Magnetics, is available for consultation tho operations are certainly being curtailed by the Corona social distancing requirements.

    So, thank you. email

    Hendren for President on Facebook

    Take care and stay safe
    Embrace the Liquid Nitrogen Economy

    There is a tipping point.

    We have to hurry

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    The American Garden Party has the solutions. Embrace the liquid nitrogen economy. Ban Roundup. Shut down the nuke sites. Stopper the pipelines and abandon the grid. LN is a biocide and

    Energy Storage Solution. Universally abundant and bending. We have to hurry. There is a tipping point

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    Well here’s t thing. Short est path to redemption is to embrace the liquid nitrogen economy. Solar and water and wind can be stored by extracting and compressing atmospheric nitrogen to a liquid. As it returns to ambient air temperature it expands. Anyone can do this at home. No electric bills. No pollution. Cars trains and trucks powered by LN. Hendren for President. The American Garden Party. We have to hurry. There is a tipping point


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