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TC renewable energy goal is good for the community

This Op-Ed appeared in the Traverse City Record-Eagle. Bob Sutherland is the owner of Cherry Republic and will join the Michigan League of Conservation Voters Board of Directors in January.

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"As a local business owner, I am proud to see the City of Traverse City approve a resolution to power the city with 100 percent clean, renewable energy. This decision marks a massive achievement that will make our community more sustainable for generations to come.

"In today’s economy, sustainability is increasingly important for all of us. I have seen first-hand the growing support for businesses to reduce their footprint by using clean, renewable energy. The City’s plans will spark even greater momentum. Cherry Republic recently achieved 100-percent renewable energy to power our operations.


"This new goal is a massive step forward and will position our city for success in the rapidly changing energy landscape." - Bob Sutherland, Owner of Cherry Republic

"Now, the City has committed to clean energy — and it couldn’t be at a better time. Recent advancements in renewable energy have resulted in lower costs and improved output, which means investing in clean, renewable energy has become an attractive and savvy investment. In fact, prices for new renewable energy generation like wind and solar are now cheaper than coal and natural gas, according to recent reports from the Michigan Public Service Commission. Significant investments in renewable energy at Cherry Republic are saving us money on our electricity bills while helping to reduce pollution and protect the environment. Traverse City stands to benefit in the same way."

Read the entire article at the Traverse City Record-Eagle

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