The City of Traverse City just pledged to get to 100% renewable energy by 2020!

Join us in thanking the Traverse City Mayor and Commissioners for their bold leadership, and for inspiring other communities in Michigan to lead the transition to clean energy. Your signature - and then sharing it to let your friends know - helps us to let everyone know that this kind of goal is not only possible but necessary!

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The Traverse City resolution commits the city to meet all electricity needs for city operations with renewable sources by 2020. Traverse City joins Grand Rapids and 20 other cities around the U.S. in setting this kind of bold 100% clean energy goal.

Cities are leading in clean energy and benefitting from it. Setting 100% renewable goals slows climate change, reduces pollution that impacts health, creates jobs, and boosts local economies.

The Michigan Climate Action Network helped make this happen in Traverse City, and we’d like to support actions in other communities in Michigan that are ready for 100% goals. To find out more, visit our 100% Cities page or contact us today.

With federal action on climate change now in question, it is more important than ever that cities continue to lead the way and move forward with clean energy. Read more about the Traverse City resolution here.

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