Help make Michigan a Climate LeaderGov. Whitmer just signed one of the most ambitious climate executive orders in the country, putting Michigan on a path to be carbon neutral by 2050. Environmental justice and good jobs are at the center of this plan.

This action is the first step toward solving the climate crisis with the urgency that science demands. It is going to take all of us to achieve this.

Thank Gov. Whitmer for making Michigan a leader on climate action, and urge Michigan policymakers to prioritize climate solutions.

Governor Whitmer’s executive order (EO) sets a goal for Michigan to achieve economy-wide carbon neutrality no later than 2050, with the short-term goal to cut climate pollution 28% by 2025. These goals apply to every sector of the economy – from electricity to transportation to heating and cooling of buildings. The EO also creates an Advisory Council on Climate Solutions to help come up with a plan for achieving these ambitious goals.

Send this email now to Gov. Whitmer and also to urge Michigan lawmakers to support climate action.

With this goal, Michigan becomes one of the leading states in climate action, and prioritizes environmental justice and creating jobs.

This executive order directs EGLE to develop a comprehensive Environmental Justice Analysis for the Michigan Public Service Commission to ensure air quality and climate justice are considered in decision-making. It directs the Michigan Department of Treasury to launch a just transition impact initiative to develop a plan for assisting communities in this energy transition. It also directs state agencies to publish a report on the clean energy job opportunities and gaps.

Additionally, the EO makes sure that state government is leading in the transition – setting a goal for state facilities to reduce energy use 40% by 2040.

Achieving these goals are necessary to keep warming below the temperature goals set in the Paris agreement. These goals are achievable and will bring enormous benefits, but it is going to be a heavy lift. We need Michigan policymakers and communities to work together to solve the climate crisis.

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