Michigan Communities Leading on Climate

Communities have long been leading on climate action, proving that rapid and equitable climate solutions are possible, and inspiring policies at the state & federal level.

Our new report now shows at least 17 Michigan communities have set ambitious climate goals to reach carbon neutrality or 100% renewable energy before 2050. 

The report Michigan Communities Leading on Climate also includes case studies of how four Michigan cities - Ann Arbor, Highland Park, Grand Rapids, and Traverse City - are finding innovative ways to move rapidly and equitably to renewable energy. Download the full report here.

We are excited to lift up and celebrate local climate and justice work with this report. And we are committed to helping other Michigan communities push forward their climate goals - see the interactive map and lists below!

*CORRECTION - We have added Royal Oak to our list of cities with a community wide carbon neutrality goal!


Community-wide Carbon Neutral Goal

Community  Goal/Action City Document

City of Ann Arbor

Carbon neutral by 2030

Zero Climate Action Plan

Charter Township of Kalamazoo

Carbon neutral by 2030

Resolution Endorsing Climate Emergency Declaration 

City of Montague

Carbon neutral by 2040

Resolution Declaring a Climate Emergency

Oakland County

Carbon neutral by 2050 

Oakland County Resolution (p.65) 

City of Rockford

Carbon neutral by 2050

City Council Proclamation (p.5)

City of Royal Oak

Carbon neutral by 2050 (cut GHG 40% by 2030)

 City Council Resolution

Shelby Township (Oceana County)

Carbon neutral by 2040

Shelby Township Climate Emergency Declaration

Washtenaw County

Carbon neutral by 2035

Washtenaw County Climate Emergency Declaration

City of Ypsilanti

Carbon neutral by 2035

City of Ypsilanti Sustainability Plan


Community-wide 100% RE Goal



City Document

City of Traverse City

100% RE by 2040, 40% RE by 2025

Traverse City Light & Power Strategic Plan

City of Petoskey

100% renewable electricity community-wide by 2035

Livable Petoskey Master Plan


Municipal 100% and Carbon Neutral Goals



City Document

City of Detroit

Cut GHG 100% by 2050 (35% by 2024, 75% by 2043)

Detroit Greenhouse Gas Ordinance

City of East Lansing

100% RE by 2030 for city operations 

City of East Lansing Policy Resolution 2020-1 

City of Grand Rapids

100% RE by 2025 for city operations 

City of Grand Rapids Strategic Plan


Carbon neutral for city operations by 2040

Declaring Climate Change a Crisis (p.13) 

City of Lansing

Carbon neutral for city operations by 2040

City of Lansing Climate Action Plan 2020-2023

Meridian Township

100% RE for city operations by 2035, 50% RE by 2025

Meridian Township Climate Sustainability Plan

City of Jackson

Cut GHG 90% by 2050 for city operations

City of Jackson Environmental Action Plan

Why This Matters

The strong climate policies at the local level are resulting in meaningful reductions in climate pollution, which will help our state achieve its climate goals. Communities in this report are also working to increase local ownership of energy resources, reduce air pollution, and address energy affordability and environmental justice. Without comprehensive state climate policies, local communities have had to take it upon themselves to invest in climate solutions in a piecemeal way.

This report underscores the need for our state to have a strong, comprehensive Michigan Healthy Climate Plan to serve as a roadmap for the state's climate approach. The state is finalizing this plan right now after over 800 of you used your voice, urging the state to craft a stronger plan!

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