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WKZO: Energy bills stuck while planet heats up


LANSING (WKZO-AM) — The Michigan Legislature has been wrestling with a new energy reform package most of this session.

The utilities want economic security, while consumers and environmentalists want reliability. Finding a compromise has been difficult.

NASA has just released data that last month was the hottest August ever recorded, following a July which was the hottest month in modern human history. In fact, it follows of other global heat records on a month to month basis making this year on track to once again be the warmest ever.

Kate Madigan, Director of the Michigan Climate Action Network, said that should make it obvious to lawmakers what needs to be done. They need to shift to renewable energy sources as quickly as they can.

She says the technology exists to be completely reliant on renewables by mid-century, she says it’s just a question of political will.

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