Send this email to thank the lawmakers who introduced and passed bills in the House and Senate (HB 4069, HB 4465, and SB 0047) that eliminate property taxes for solar panels on residential property.

On November 14, Governor Whitmer signed clean energy policy into law that will remove barriers for installing rooftop solar. This is a small but mighty step toward wider adoption of renewable energy in Michigan, and it was achieved by Michigan Republicans and Democrats working together. 

Let's thank the leaders of these bills for working together to address the climate crisis and encourage more of this collaboration going forward.

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Gov. Whitmer Signs Solar Bills Into Law
Gov. Whitmer Signs Solar Bills Into Law on a Solar Panel!

Bill sponsors include Senators Tom Barrett (R), Jeff Irwin (D) Paul Wojno (D), Betty Jean Alexander (D), and Representatives Bronna Kahle (R), and Yousef Rabhi (D). The bills passed with wide bipartisan support in both the House and Senate.


Earlier this month, the House and Senate passed bills to address the problem where some people in Michigan who install rooftop solar see a big hike in their property taxes. The bills address this problem by providing an exemption for small-scale systems and make it so all jurisdictions are assessing alternative energy systems in the same manner. Last year, these bipartisan bills passed but were vetoed by our previous Governor. This time around, Governor Whitmer signed them into law! 

The passage of these solar tax bills show that bipartisan clean energy policies are possible, and with our current makeup in the legislature, that is the only way we are going to make progress. Several other clean energy bills have been introduced by the legislature with bipartisan support. Help us make sure these are the first of many clean energy policies. Join us in thanking the bill sponsors and Governor Whitmer for working together for clean energy.


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