Michigan can and should be a leader in solving the climate crisis - and because of concerned Michiganders and the leadership of our state’s officials, we now have a plan in place to meet our climate goals.

Together, nearly 1000 MiCAN supporters urged the state to create a stronger and more equitable climate plan. The initial draft of the plan did not act quickly enough and we knew it was critical that we have a bold, equitable plan at this stage in the climate crisis.

From February to April, hundreds of Michiganders attended public comment sessions and over 900 MiCAN supporters signed our comment letter to EGLE, urging the state to make specific improvements to the plan. 

Together, your voices made a powerful difference and steered the state to release a stronger plan to keep working toward carbon neutrality and more equitably address the climate crisis. There will be much more work to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, but this plan is an important start. And after shouldering the burden of pollution for far too long, low-income and BIPOC communities are prioritized in this plan. See the full plan, here.

Now comes the hard work of implementing this plan. Please email Governor Gretchen Whitmer below, thanking her for releasing this new, improved plan, and urging her to take the bold action needed to fully implement it.  

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