Over the past year, we worked hard with partners across the state to push forward what would have been historic climate justice policies in the Build Back Better Act. We rallied with our leaders, and placed hundreds of calls and emails with your support. Last November, the House passed the BBBA with historic funding for climate solutions to the tune of $555 billion. On December 19, Sen. Joe Manchin declared that he would not vote for the package. This was a major setback and leaves us in the present day, with only one remaining chance to pass bold climate action before the Senate breaks for their summer recess. It's imperative that our Senators hear from all of us right now.

We're almost out of time. We have one final shot to push for federal investments in clean energy while we have a pro-climate majority in Congress and a climate champion in the White House. The science tells us we cannot waste this opportunity to address the climate crisis in this critical decade if we want to avoid the worst impacts.  We are pushing for bold climate legislation as part of the $555 billion reconciliation package. Though pared down from the original $2 trillion, this would still be the largest-ever federal investment in clean energy and would include numerous, needed provisions for climate action.

Please use your voice to tell your senators to pass Biden’s reconciliation package and its climate provisions before the summer recess. Ideally, before the Memorial Day recess. After months of stalls and political standoffs, your voice of support can help give the final push to move these critical provisions over the finish line.

Please call your senators using these suggested talking points, or customize with your own words. Thank you for your support at this critical moment for our climate.


Call your Senators Today

Here's what to do:

1. Call the offices of both of your U.S. Senators.

You can reach Sen. Debbie Stabenow's DC office at (202) 224-4822 or look up your local office here.

You can reach Sen. Gary Peters DC office at (202) 224-6221, or look up your local office here.

When you reach their office, ask to talk to their policy staff that work on climate change. If you aren't able to speak with them, leave a message.


Below are our suggested talking points to say once you are connected. 

"Hi, my name is _____. I’m a constituent of yours and I care deeply about climate change. I am calling to urge you to do everything in your power as my Senator to support the passage of budget reconciliation package, which includes a our last best chace to take immediate action on climate. In Michigan, we're already seeing extreme heat, flooding, damage to infrastructure, worsening public health outcomes, agricultural loss, and other impacts which will only get worse, the science makes clear, without bold action. I am counting on you to make climate action the top priority for the U.S. Senate over the next few weeks. Please do everything in your power to ensure that Congress reaches a deal on a reconciliation bill with $555 billion in climate investments and sends it to President Biden’s desk before summer recess. Thank you."

Thank you for using your voice once again during this critical window for action!

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