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Episode 13 - Line 5 Easement Revoked

Leaders of the Oil & Water Don't Mix campaign examine the victory and next steps after Gov. Whitmer revoked the Enbridge Line 5 oil pipeline easement.

Liz, Jim, Mike, SeanLISTEN

This is a huge win for the Oil & Water Don't Mix coalition and other organizations in Michigan, and thousands of people who have been working to get this pipeline shut down for over 7 years. 

In this episode, host Kate Madigan speaks with four leaders of the OWDM campaign to talk about this huge win - how it happened and what we need to do going forward - because it is not over yet, and Enbridge is still pursuing their oil tunnel project. With us today we have Sean McBrearty, Clean Water Action, who coordinates the OWDM Campaign; Liz Kirkwood, Executive Director of FLOW - For Love of Water; Jim Lively, Program Director of Groundwork Center and the Great Lakes Business Network; and Mike Ripley, Environmental Coordinator with the Chippewa Ottawa Resource Authority (CORA).

For more background about the Line 5 pipeline, listen to podcast Episiode 3 with Bay Mills Indian Community chairman Bryan Newland, and Episode 6 with Great Lakes Business Network members Larry Bell, president of Bell's Brewery, and Beth Wallace, policy director with National Wildlife Federation.


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  • Ginger Saari
    commented 2020-12-06 05:02:37 -0500
    Wow! Thank you so much for putting this out! I’ve. Always vei against pipellinex that threaten the environment. But Li e 5 had been confusing to me, mostly by its support from wrong wibg politics s muddyi g the waters. I am so overjoyed that there are people like you who ha e aheadstart andhavd been proactive from the getgo. This is do exciting,! I can’t wait to dptrad the word and increase support for Big Gretch in her decision to confront Libe5! It’s time to make this fight personal z d brit on home. Thank you for providing me what I needed in nysearch for a cause that is worth fighting for…the Greatest Lakes in the world! Love them so much! I free up on the coast of Superior. Won’t be leaving too soon🥰Love our Governor ❣️


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