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Episode 10 - Marnese Jackson and Grover Easterling

Oakland County is ground zero for Michigan's conservative movement, the place where power brokers and big donors reside. Is there reason to hope that the county can also be a place that embraces clean energy and the environmental justice opportunities that can blossom from a transition to a carbon free economy?

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This week's Speaking of Resilience podcast guests, Marnese Jackson of Mothers Out Front and Grover Easterling of Michigan League of Conservation Voters, are working hard to make that answer "yes" through the Turn Oakland County Green campaign. The good news: they see signs of positive change.

Marnese is an environmental and climate justice advocate who works as the Frontline Organizing Program Director with Mothers Out Front, and she is the former Midwest Regional Organizer for NAACP’s Environment and Climate Justice Program. Grover is the SE Michigan field organizer for Michigan League of Conservation Voters, and previously worked as a legislative assistant to Detroit City Council, and led events and direct actions with a group of organizations known as the Coalition for Black Struggle.


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