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Line 5 Updates and Media: 2/28/2022

There have been many recent updates in the fight to shut down Line 5, and a historic moment in the case was reached.


We know you're concerned about Line 5, and a lot has been happening in our fight to shut down the pipeline and prevent an oil tunnel. We want to share with you the latest news and updates in one place (plus read till the end for ways to take urgent action.)


  • Last week, we reached a historic moment in the Line 5 oil tunnel permitting case with the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) when we filed legal briefs that summarize the significant climate evidence of a Line 5 tunnel brought forward by our four expert witnesses during the case. 


  •  Margrethe Kearney, a senior attorney with the Environmental Law and Policy Center spoke to Bridge Magazine, which you can read here. "We need to start treating climate as the expensive problem that it is," she stated.


  • Read MiCAN's take on the recent Line 5 developments and projected climate impacts of the tunnel, as quoted on 9and10 News.


  • Jonathan Overpeck, one of our leading experts in the case, spoke to Michigan Radio, to clearly outline the climate impacts at stake. “The amount of fossil fuel that gets transported through that pipeline in that tunnel will be huge. And it's equivalent to multiple coal fired power plants per year. And the climate change damages associated with that will be in the billions of dollars per year."


  • You can read much more here about what our experts found when looking at the projected climate impacts of building a tunnel (spoiler: it would lead to an increase of about 27 million metric tons CO2 annually.)



  • And because the harm of Line 5 extends beyond Michigan, earlier this month over 250 Wisconsin residents were outspoken in their opposition to Line 5.


  • Finally, a new report from Environmental Defence Canada found that shutting down Line 5 is entirely manageable and there are other options to meet Canada’s demand for oil and gas.

What's next? On March 11, 2022 we will file the final brief in the case, and we expect the Commission to make a decision this summer. 

Please take action. Building an oil tunnel would undermine both the international and local climate goals our state is right now working to achieve. Join us in lifting up the climate impacts of a Line 5 tunnel in comments to the state on the Michigan Healthy Climate Plan. Sign onto our letter here.

Also, remember to call and tweet President Biden and urge your networks to do the same! Biden revoking the presidential permit for the Line 5 is our best bet for quickly shutting down this dangerous pipeline and protecting our waters. 

Thank you for being a vital part of this important work,

- The MiCAN team

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