The events of the past few days show us again that Enbridge does not care about the law or their responsibility to protect the Great Lakes. Their pipeline was damaged and Gov. Whitmer asked to shut it down until a full review could be completed to find out why. Enbridge ignored the Governor and restarted the pipeline anyway.


Gov. Whitmer must seize this opportunity to shut down Line 5 and begin the process of revoking the easement. Our climate and the Great Lakes are in grave risk of irretrievable damage.

JUNE 25, 12:00 PM: Given Enbridge's failure act with "due care of a reasonable a prudent person for the safety and welfare of all persons and of all public and private property" provision of the easement, Judge Jamo of Ingham County Circuit Court GRANTED A TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER TO SHUT DOWN LINE 5 in the Straits of Mackinac until a future court hearing occurs.

MiCAN Responds - Applauds Attorney General, Urges Gov. to take meaningful action.

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