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The Traverse City Light & Power (TCL&P) board will be voting next Tuesday, August 14 on whether to set a goal to power the entire community with renewable electricity by 2040 – city operations, homes, and businesses. Traverse City would be the first city in Michigan to do it! Leading on clean energy is the right thing to do, and achieving 100% renewables is possible, necessary, and would bring many benefits.

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Help Traverse City Go 100% Renewable

Dear Traverse City Light & Power (TCL&P) Board Members,

We, the undersigned, encourage you to set a 100% renewable energy goal.

At least 74 U.S. cities already have goals to power their entire communities with 100% renewable energy, and 40 cities around the world already are powered by 100% renewable electricity. Moving TCL&P rapidly to clean energy will reduce pollution, save lives, and keep energy prices low. We commend you for the progress TCL&P has made increasing renewable energy to date, and we urge you to join leading utilities and cities by setting a 100% goal.


How is this possible?

100% Renewable Energy is Achievable

At least 74 U.S. cities have set 100% renewable energy goals, and 40 cities around the world have already achieved 100% renewable power, including Burlington, Vermont. These goals are often the result of consumer demand. Traverse City would be the first city in Michigan to set this goal, and we need TCL&P’s leadership to do it.

100% Renewable Energy is Good for Our Region

  • Moving to renewable, carbon-free energy is necessary and urgent to avoid the worst impacts of global warming.
  • Renewable energy reduces air pollution, improving public health and saving lives, especially for those living near power plants.
  • Renewable energy, like wind and solar, is affordable and keep energy prices lower over time.  
  • Renewable energy can support more local jobs and attracts businesses.
  • Setting a bold renewable energy goal is consistent with Traverse City’s reputation as a leading green city and an attractive place to live, which draws talent and visitors to our region.
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