Universities Leading on Climate

Communities have long been leading on climate action, proving that rapid and equitable climate solutions are possible, and inspiring policies at the state & federal level.

Universities, like the cities that hold them, are communities in their own right. Our new report shows how Michigan's 15 public universities have taken steps to address climate change and build a culture of sustainability.

Representing a considerable part of Michigan’s economy and society, higher education institutions can help solve the novel scientific, technological, political, and social challenges climate change will create in their students’ lifetimes. One of the most important things that they can do at this point in history is to educate people about climate change and to use their intellectual resources to devise and implement effective climate action plans to model and actuate a more sustainable world.

Discover which institutions have already committed to accelerated action in Universities Leading on Climate, a comprehensive showcase of how Michigan universities are responding to the climate crisis in three key categories: campus facilities, transportation, and community involvement. Download the full report >

We are excited to lift up and celebrate local climate and justice work with this report, and we are committed to helping other Michigan colleges and universities push forward their climate goals.

Brendan's Internship HighlightsAbout the Author

Please help us recognize author Brendan Mortensen-Seguin for his efforts to research and compile the Universities report during his spring semester 2023 internship with MiCAN. We thank him for his contributions to our work, and to Western Michigan University's climate initiatives as he enters his junior year.

Get to know Brendan and see some of his impressive internship highlights >>









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