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Join us in thanking Gov. Whitmer for entering Michigan into the U.S. Climate Alliance, a bipartisan coalition of governors from 19 other states that have committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions consistent with the goals of the Paris Agreement. We applaud this kind of bold action - it's exactly what Michigan needs to accelerate action on climate change.


Governor Whitmer:

Your directive to enter Michigan into the U.S. Climate Alliance is exactly what is needed to jumpstart Michigan's action to address the worse effects of a warming climate. We wholeheartedly thank you for taking this action and pledge to work with you to rapidly move Michigan towards a clean energy economy.

Thank you for working to protect our air, water, and land for us and future generations.


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  • Anne Schweizer
    signed 2019-02-04 14:59:03 -0500
    Thank you.
  • Karen Nowosatko
    signed via 2019-02-04 14:58:53 -0500
  • Lara Furar
    signed 2019-02-04 14:57:05 -0500
    Thank you!!
  • Jason Schwerin
    signed via 2019-02-04 14:54:52 -0500
  • Kathryn Ramsey
    signed 2019-02-04 14:54:42 -0500
    You have our gratitude, Governor Whitmer. The people of the Great Lakes State of Michigan are behind you!
  • James Bess
    signed 2019-02-04 14:53:29 -0500
    James Bess
  • Cliff Yankovich
    signed 2019-02-04 14:52:33 -0500
    Keep Rocking.
  • Janice Thomas
    signed via 2019-02-04 14:51:22 -0500
  • Caroline de Mauriac
    signed 2019-02-04 14:49:47 -0500
  • Ruth Schaut
    signed 2019-02-04 14:38:37 -0500
  • Jill Umfleet
    signed 2019-02-04 14:37:52 -0500


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