This is a critical moment. Attorney General Dana Nessel is taking legal action to shut down Line 5. Word is Gov. Whitmer won't be joining the lawsuit which is a serious problem. She must join the lawsuit to give her the strongest case possible to shut down Line 5.


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Gov. Whitmer must join the lawsuit before Thursday, June 27. Please call her office and report your call here.

Call Gov. Whitmer: 517-373-3400

Use the following TALKING POINTS to help develop your message:

  • As Governor of Michigan, it is your job to protect the Great Lakes from a massive Line 5 oil spill. You ought to be leading on this issue instead of relying solely on the Attorney General.
  • Please stand up for the Great Lakes by revoking Enbridge’s easement to operate in the Straits of Mackinac and moving forward with decommissioning the Line 5 pipeline immediately.
  • The people of Michigan elected you to protect our Great Lakes, and we’re with you on this. Please don't give in to pressure from a foreign oil company and their allies who want to continue profiteering from the exploitation of our natural resources. The threats to the Great Lakes and climate posed by this pipeline are simply too great to accept.

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