Last month, the U.S. House approved a $3.5 trillion budget resolution - a key step toward the goal of ultimately adopting the budget reconciliation package that would be the biggest climate legislation Congress has ever passed.

This happened just weeks after the UN released the latest IPCC report that made clear we have a very narrow window - right now - for serious action to avoid the worst impacts of our overheating planet. Democratic leaders have set a deadline for September 27 to finalize and vote on this bill. We are quickly approaching this critical deadline to essentially save the planet.

Congress is now working furiously to write this bill, and polluting companies are doing everything they can to remove or water down the climate provisions. Once the full bill is drafted, it will go through the budget reconciliation process, which cannot be defeated by a filibuster in the Senate. In just a couple of weeks, we will need every single pro-climate vote and Michigan is a key state. We have to make sure our Members of Congress hear from us right now.

Please take two minutes to tell your Members of Congress to support the reconciliation package that includes major climate funding.

We must have a reconciliation bill that invests billions for wind, solar and efficiency, sets a 100% renewable energy standard, creates a Civilian Climate Corps, invests billions in electric vehicle charging stations and EV rebates, modernize the electrical grid, and makes major investments in environmental justice communities. 

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