Enbridge is asking the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) for permission to move its Line 5 pipeline into a new tunnel through the Great Lakes. In fact, this would be new fossil fuel infrastructure.

Scientists tell us we must drastically cut the use of fossil fuels in less than 10 years or face an unlivable environment. It's time to spur a clean energy revolution. The MPSC must consider the climate emergency and the urgency to curb fossil fuels as they evaluate the Enbridge permit.

The MPSC needs to feel the urgency to deny this permit - and here's how we do it.

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It's bad enough that Line 5 threatens the Great Lakes every day, but building a tunnel in five years or longer is not a solution. The pipeline must be decommissioned now. Going forward, we cannot allow the construction of new fossil fuel infrastructure. Period.

This permit is about permission to relocate the pipeline into a tunnel, however, the MPSC has jurisdiction over pipeline siting, and can consider pipeline impacts like climate change and water quality.

The MPSC can join other public service commissions by taking climate change into account before authorizing new fossil fuel infrastructure. Do your part in the fight for a livable climate by sending this comment as written, or customize it with your own reasons why this permit must be denied.


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