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Urge the Trump Administration and Michigan Automakers Not to Rollback Clean Car Standards

President Trump recently traveled to Michigan, the car capital of the world, to announce his plan to roll back the fuel efficiency standards that the U.S. government and auto industry agreed to just a few years ago.

Moving to more fuel-efficient vehicles – and ultimately to electric vehicles that run on renewable electricity – is both the future of the automobile industry and essential for a stable climate. More fuel-efficient vehicles will also reduce pollution, improve health, and save lives. And it will cut 6 billion metric tons of carbon emissions, that’s equivalent to taking 177 million of today’s cars off the road.

Urge the Trump Administration and Michigan Automakers Not to Rollback Clean Car Standards - Sign the Petition

Car companies are well on their way to achieving these standards, and it is costing far less than predicted. Ending these standards creates more uncertainty for car companies. Lagging behind will allow automakers in other countries – which are rapidly increasing their emissions standards - to take the lead in making the cars of the future.

President Trump, EPA Administrator Pruitt, and Michigan Automakers,

I take pride in the fact that Michigan is the birthplace and home of the automobile industry. I urge you to follow through on the fuel efficiency standards for cars and light trucks that the government and car companies agreed to in 2012.

Around the world, the future of cars and trucks will be more fuel-efficient and electric vehicles. We want Michigan’s car companies to continue to thrive. Rolling back these fuel-efficiency standards will create more uncertainty for our automakers, and will allow car companies abroad to take the lead in making the cars of the future.

Rolling back these standards will also increase the pollution that has created such a substantial incidence of asthma and other health ailments in Detroit. Carbon pollution from vehicles has also contributed to the extraordinary storms that have flooded Detroit highways and homes in recent years. Keeping the existing fuel-efficiency standards will also save Americans $1.7 trillion at the gas pump.

I urge you to do what is right for Michigan and enable U.S. automakers to be the leaders in the cars of the future. Do not roll back fuel-efficiency standards.


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    Sign the petition to Stop Rollbacks of Clean Car Fuel-Efficiency Standards.
  • Lark Murphy
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    Don’t make America dirty again! Climate change is REAL!
  • Janet Shroyer
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    Stay clean, stay competitive!
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    Julie Kolenda
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    Please help move forward into the future with the best possible clean energy standards. Thank you
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    Sign the petition to Stop Rollbacks of Clean Car Fuel-Efficiency Standards.
  • Mary Van Valin
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    Clean air is a requirement for a healthy life.
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