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State Shifts Legal Strategy to Shut Down Line 5

A statement by Kate Madigan, Executive Director at the Michigan Climate Action Network, on the recent shift in the battle to shut down Line 5.


Today’s move by the state to withdraw from the federal legal case on Line 5 is a strategic change of direction, not an end to this fight. Instead of battling Enbridge in federal court, after Judge Neff’s recent decision to move the case out of state court, the state will instead focus on moving forward Attorney General Nessel’s 2019 lawsuit to shut down Line 5 in the Straits. 

We always knew it was going to be difficult to take on an international oil transport company that has all lawyers and lobbyists money can buy. Enbridge was able to sway an entire country to oppose our Governor’s authority to revoke their easement in order to protect the Great Lakes. But the fight is far from over, and the facts are on our side. 

The bottom line is that this dangerous oil pipeline needs to be shut down and not replaced by a 99 year oil tunnel that would undermine state and international climate goals. We will continue to urge President Biden, Governor Whitmer, and Attorney General Nessel to do everything in their power to shut down Line 5 for good. 



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