MPSC CommissionersBIG UPDATE:

The Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) ruled on April 21, 2021, to include climate evidence in their review of Enbridge's proposed Line 5 oil tunnel! 

This is a historic decision. The first time greenhouse gases will be included in a review under the Michigan Environmental Protection Act. We will now be able to provide evidence not only about the climate impacts of the construction of the tunnel, but also the products the pipeline carries. 

Thank you to the 120 businesses and organizations and the more than 2000 people who signed our letter urging the Commissioners to include climate change.

Thanks to you and the tireless actions of thousands of others, we've won a major step in the fight to prevent an oil tunnel and fight climate change and pollution! We will continue to work with our partners at the Environmental Law & Policy Center and expert witnesses to present this evidence.

For more information, check out our press release and the video below about the Commission's decision. 

Thank you and CONGRATULATIONS for helping us win this monumental decision!


Dear Commissioners:

Allowing Enbridge to build a massive oil tunnel - and to restart the Line 5 oil pipeline that Gov. Whitmer has ordered shut down - will have significant impacts on our climate and our state. Building this oil tunnel at a time when scientists say we must cut climate emissions by 45% this decade is a terrible idea, and Enbridge has been fighting to keep all evidence about climate change from even being considered. In the midst of the burgeoning climate crisis, it would be irresponsible to allow Enbridge to narrow the scope of the review of this project so severely that the most important issues are excluded. We urge you to include evidence about climate change, other significant environmental risks, and public need in your review of Enbridge’s proposed oil tunnel project.


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  • Larry Mawby
    endorsed 2021-03-24 10:47:55 -0400
    Please do the right and prudent thing, consider the environment.
  • Jerome Alicki
    endorsed 2021-03-24 10:47:37 -0400
    Enbridge cannot be trusted, look what they did to the Kalamazoo River! Climate change must absolutely be part of any fossil fuel infrastructure decision your organization makes, to not do so would be highly irresponsible. Avoid future lawsuits by including climate in the decision making process!
  • Jann Krupa
    endorsed 2021-03-24 10:47:35 -0400
  • Tom Emmott
    endorsed 2021-03-24 10:47:34 -0400
    Like I always say…greed has no boundaries and Enbridge doesn’t give two hoots in hell about the environment. They only care about $$$$$. Line 5 must be shut down! And Line 3 must be stopped! The denial of climate change by Enbridge will bring about disaster.

    Tom Emmott
  • John Hunting
    endorsed 2021-03-24 10:47:29 -0400
  • John Hunting
    endorsed 2021-03-24 10:46:25 -0400
  • Michael Motta
    endorsed 2021-03-24 10:44:57 -0400
  • Lon Herman
    endorsed 2021-03-24 10:44:40 -0400
    If you allow the continuation of Line 5 you will leaving a terrible legacy to your children and grandchildren .Please do not let Embridge influence your decision to look at all the effects of Line 5.
  • John McDonald
    endorsed 2021-03-24 10:42:45 -0400
    The most important crisis we face is climate change. Enbridge is one of the most deceitful and dangerous corporations because of their ruthless and careless business practices. They are responsible for the largest on land oil spills idk history, right here in Michigan. They do not care if they devastate our water and land.
  • Holly Pummell
    endorsed 2021-03-24 10:42:19 -0400
  • Virginia Jones
    endorsed 2021-03-24 10:40:20 -0400
  • Julia OConnor
    endorsed 2021-03-24 10:39:45 -0400
    How can you not include impact on climate in a decision like this. It should be one of the big considerations.!
  • Norma Bailey
    endorsed 2021-03-24 10:39:21 -0400
  • Cathy Marshall
    endorsed 2021-03-24 10:39:15 -0400
  • Ronald Parmele
    endorsed 2021-03-24 10:38:45 -0400
  • Nicola Philpott
    endorsed 2021-03-24 10:38:21 -0400
  • Robert Thomasson
    endorsed 2021-03-24 10:38:05 -0400
  • Scott Golding
    endorsed 2021-03-24 10:38:03 -0400
  • Carolyn Heines
    endorsed 2021-03-24 10:37:07 -0400
  • Candy Petrick
    endorsed 2021-03-24 10:36:50 -0400
    Please use science to make a decision.
  • Bill Wood
    WMEAC endorsed 2021-03-24 10:36:41 -0400
  • Lorne Beatty
    endorsed 2021-03-24 10:36:28 -0400


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