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Update: New substitute bills have been released which would weaken the Clean Energy Future Plan as originally drafted: SB 271, SB 273, and SB 502. We need all of your voices to counteract the heavy utility lobbying pressure that has given way to these watered-down versions. Below, you can view and compare the first iteration of the Plan for which MiCAN advocated.

Topline Goals of the Clean Energy Future Plan

MiCAN is part of a broad coalition of groups urging the swift passage of three key goals in the Clean Energy Future Plan, a legislative package that will clean the power sector rapidly, affordably, and reliably. Michigan must pass these bills to tackle the climate crisis and ensure reliable, affordable electricity for our state and the benefits of a growing clean energy sector. See below for the topline goals and supporting legislation.

Read this letter sent to officials in the Whitmer administration for more background information and to see coalition members supporting this package.

Clean Energy Future Plan

Clean Energy Standard

Sets Michigan on the path to reach a renewable energy standard of 60% by 2030 with the ultimate goal of 100% carbon-free power by 2035. Requires MI utilities to include distributed generation programs for solar energy that are easily accessible for low-income communities and communities of color disproportionately impacted by climate change.

  • Michigan's prior standard of 15% renewable production no longer reflects the urgency of the climate crisis or our state's significant capacity to transition to clean power (we have long since met that standard).
  • Utility promises and renewable incentives are not enough; the standard would establish a binding target.

Energy Waste Reduction

Updates and expands the energy waste reduction standard for annual savings of at least 2% for electricity and 1.5% for gas. Enables beneficial electrification of buildings and prioritizes the benefits of energy efficiency improvements for low-income communities.

  • The cheapest, cleanest form of energy is the energy not used in the first place.
  • Energy efficiency and weatherization are also some of the most effective means of ensuring long-term energy affordability for families struggling to pay utility bills.

MPSC Authority Expansion

Require the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC)-the state agency that regulates investor-owned utilities on behalf of the people of Michigan--consider factors like climate and health impacts, affordability, and equity in its decision-making when utility companies seek new energy projects, rate changes, and more.

  • Lack of oversight has contributed to Michiganders experiencing some of the highest utility costs and the lowest service quality anywhere in the country.
  • The bill would create opportunities for communities to participate in important MPSC decisions and require the MPSC to listen to their concerns.

If you would like to take a closer look at each piece of proposed legislation, follow the links below:

Note: MiCAN's position on MPSC Authority Expansion

The Michigan Environmental Protection Act already requires the Michigan Public Service Commission to include climate impacts in state agency decision-making. MiCAN has no objection to the legislature codifying this fact. MiCAN supports this bill because of the inclusion of equity, which is new and important.

Want to do more? Visit our State Campaigns page for further related actions you can take. In particular, please be sure to take the second step of this action in which you can encourage the legislature to complement this package with additional equity considerations.

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