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Report warns about climate change impacts on Great Lakes and Region

A new report from Environmental Law & Policy Center (ELPC) says climate change is causing significant and far-reaching impacts on the Great Lakes and the Great Lakes region.

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In recent years, our planet has experienced some of the warmest temperatures ever recorded, record-breaking weather extremes, powerful storms, increasing tragic flooding from rising sea levels and associated storm surge, huge wildfires, and continued melting of glaciers and polar sea ice. The accelerating pattern of changes in the Earth’s climate is affecting the Great Lakes. The report draws on the array of existing research to assess how the shifting global climate impacts the unique Great Lakes region.

The report, authored by 18 scientists from the Midwest, details the impacts to the Great Lakes and region of:

  • Air Temperature Increases
  • Heavy Precipitation and Flooding
  • Extreme Weather
  • Agriculture, Irrigation, and Decreased Crop Yields
  • Urban Issues
  • Water Quality and Consumption
  • Lake Ecology
  • Fish
  • Wildlife
  • Shipping, Power Generation and Shorelines
  • Recreation and Beach Closures.

Many thanks to ELPC for this much-needed report that shows that we must take action to slow emissions now or suffer the dire consequences later. We encourage you to read the policy recommendations in the report.


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