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Episode 33 - Rep. Rachel Hood

State Representative Rachel Hood introduced legislation to expand the development of community solar. She shares the details and help us understand what it means for people of the Mitten.


When we think about energy infrastructure, we tend to think in extremes: either gigantic utility scale installations that cover hundreds of acres or micro installations that cover a single garage roof. But there’s another option, an in-between option called community solar.

It’s gaining momentum across the nation because in addition to the potential to bring significant amounts of electricity to the grid, community solar can also keep profits in the local community and give access to renewable energy to people whose properties don’t currently enable it—people with shady lots, people who live in condos, people who rent, etc.

The benefits of community solar are what convinced Michigan State Representative Rachel Hood to introduce legislation that would open up opportunity to speed and expand the development of community solar in Michigan

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