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Episode 22 - Building a Movement: Featuring Young Leaders

In this special episode, hear a recording of one of the most impactful conversations from this year's Summit event, featuring youth leaders sharing their views on what motivates youth and what they want to see in an equitable clean energy transition.


In the climate change discussion, one fact is irrefutable: Of all the people on the planet today, our young people will bear the greatest burden of global warming during their lifetimes. Youth live with this fact every day, and it has fueled their passion and pressed them to act—from marching in the streets to walking the halls of state houses and Congress. Also irrefutable: Young people have been central to re-igniting the climate change movement and keeping the momentum surging.

In this recorded session from our Michigan Climate & Clean Energy Summit, Jamie Simmons, Engagement Director, Michigan Climate Action Network, hosts a panel of young people (pictured: panelist Eradajere Oleita, Detroit Organizer, Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition). Listen closely, friends—what older members of the climate movement must do to honestly and fully engage the ideas and energy of young people to push for more rapid progress.

We really enjoyed this session and we know you will too!

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