In recent weeks, intense rainfall inundated metro Detroit, submerging cars on the highways and flooding homes for thousands of families. It was the second 500-year storm to hit metro Detroit in just eight years. This is one of the many ways that extreme weather events and other impacts from climate change are affecting our lives, our livelihoods, and our health. 

Right now, we have a huge opportunity to address the climate crisis. Congress is considering major infrastructure investments to rebuild our economy as we emerge from the COVID crisis. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to build our economy aligned with the future we want. 

These bills MUST include major investments in climate and justice. 

President Biden’s American Jobs Plan would bring our country back from the COVID-19 pandemic while making major investments in renewable energy and in environmental justice and most impacted communities. But the bipartisan compromise bills left out most clean energy investments and fall short of the climate and justice investments we need. This would be a tragic missed opportunity at this point in the climate crisis.

The Senate is also considering a $3.5 trillion investment that will include major investments in clean energy, which is a historic opportunity to make major investments in climate solutions, good jobs, and improving health. This proposal would need to go through the budget reconciliation process, and we need every single vote we can get. The time is now to let Congress know that we support action on climate. 

Please take two minutes to tell your Members of Congress to Invest in Bold Climate Solutions now!

There is scientific consensus that we must cut climate emissions in half this decade to avoid climate catastrophe. The level of investment in renewable energy it will take to achieve this is often compared to how our country mobilized in response to WWII. Right now, as we recover from the pandemic, is our chance to make huge investments in the future we want.

We can create thousands of family-sustaining jobs by installing solar panels and wind turbines, insulating our homes, developing more reliable bus routes in our cities, building EV charging stations across our state, and by investing in communities that have been underserved for decades. We cannot let these investments just go to more roads and bridges and allow the status quo to continue. Please take two minutes to contact your Members of Congress today.  

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Please take two minutes to email Biden and your member of Congress today.


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