In DC and statewide, Michiganders march for climate action

Michiganders will march on the nation’s capital and rally in cities around the state April 29 to call on elected leaders to take bold action now to avoid…

Charlevoix Business Invests in Solar Power

From his office at Manthei Landscape Supply, Peter Manthei can tell you how much energy is being produced at his family’s solar array in Charlevoix.

Experts Discuss Climate Change Effects on Michigan

This article originally appeared on C & G Newspapers. Lisa Wozniak, executive director of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters, recently compared the climate change debate to a…

Michigan State Researcher on Pipelines and Modern Colonialism

In the year since the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe first organized Dakota Access pipeline protest camps in North Dakota, Michigan State University researcher Kyle Powys Whyte has written extensively about…

Property values surge in Michigan counties with wind energy – but why?

Agricultural land was the only property type in Michigan to have increased in overall value since 2008 and through the Great Recession, according to a report last month by Bridge…

New vehicle fuel economy improved 33% from 1980-2016

According to data gathered by the US Department of Energy (DOE) from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), new vehicle fuel economy in the US has improved 33%…

University of Michigan Professors Discuss Trump's Fuel Economy Review

President Trump's Visit to Ypsilanti to announce he will cancel an executive order that sets stringent automotive emissions standards. University of Michigan professors weigh in on the announcement…

Environment Over Economy in Michigan

Most Michigan residents would prefer policymakers prioritize the environment over economic growth, finds a new survey by Michigan State University researchers.

Michigan Electric Vehicle Future May Benefit from the VW Emissions Scandal

The litigation surrounding Volkswagen’s emission cheating scandal has come to an end, and the details of the settlement are out. The results may benefit Michigan thanks to outstanding work by…

Demand response could limit the need for new power plants in Michigan

As Michigan utilities and policymakers grapple with how to replace lost generation from retired power plants, a pair of recent studies suggest better management of demand can be…


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