Traverse City Commits to 100% Clean Energy by 2020

Traverse City on Monday pledged to power itself entirely with renewable power in just four years, adding significant momentum to a growing list of cities leading the transition…

Detroit to Reduce Greenhouse Gasses as Largest US City with 100% LED Streetlights

Detroit finished a project to replace all its streetlights with LED lights, saving millions of dollars and preventing thousands of tons of carbon to be released into the…

Michigan Green Communities - September Webinar

Many communities in Michigan are starting to take climate action. Want to learn more about how to get started? In September, the MGC webinar focused on providing resources…

How climate change is shaping Michigan

In the United States, the effects of climate change vary by state. In California, for example, climate change is believed to be exacerbating the region’s current drought. But…

Critics: Proposed charge could pull plug on clean energy growth

A proposed new grid charge leveled at small solar and wind projects in legislation on the Michigan Senate floor could derail growth in the state’s net metering program…

Tesla sues Gov. Rick Snyder, AG Bill Schuette to sell cars in Michigan

Tesla, unlike other automakers, sells its cars directly to consumers through company-owned stores in other states. EDITOR’S NOTE: The ability to transition to electric vehicles that can more…

First Nations across North America sign treaty alliance against the oilsands

The thunderous pounding of Indigenous drums echoed in the air on Thursday as more than 50 Indigenous nations across North America rallied together to sign a historic, pan-continental…

WKZO: Energy bills stuck while planet heats up

  LANSING (WKZO-AM) — The Michigan Legislature has been wrestling with a new energy reform package most of this session.

August Ties July for Hottest Month

Record-breaking temperature trends raise concerns as August 2016 ties July for hottest month on record.

New fact sheet highlights dangers of climate change in wake of hottest July on record

LANSING  – Today, the Michigan Climate Action Network released a fact sheet detailing the impacts of climate change on Michigan’s recreational industry and natural resources. July was the hottest month…


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