Two New Michigan Community Solar Projects Take Off

Two new community solar projects are launching in Michigan, moving our state one step closer to 100% renewable energy.

Michigan utility withdraws plans for electric vehicle charging network

A Michigan utility has withdrawn its plans for a $15 million statewide electric vehicle infrastructure network following concerns raised over the past several months by state officials, clean…

Some Michigan lawmakers wasting little time to revisit energy policy

Fifty-four days after Michigan lawmakers agreed on comprehensive and widely praised energy reforms, the Republican legislator now steering energy policy discussions in the state House announced he’s ready…

Electricity costs likely to surge in a warming world

Climate change is likely to increase U.S. electricity costs over the next century by billions of dollars more than economists previously forecast, according to a new study involving…

Michigan climate group calls for action as Earth’s warming streak continues

The Michigan Climate Action Network (MICAN) on Thursday called for greater urgency in addressing climate change, citing new federal data that confirms 2016 was the planet’s warmest year…

Traverse City's 100% Renewable Goal featured on Michigan Radio

Last month, Traverse City officials pledged that by the year 2020, all city operations will be powered by renewable energy. That means traffic signals, street lights, and city-owned…

New Study 'Sounds Alarm' on Another Climate Feedback Loop

"What we know from this study is that warming will result in the loss of stored carbon in a wide variety of ecosystems—and that has potentially harmful effects…

TC renewable energy goal is good for the community

This Op-Ed appeared in the Traverse City Record-Eagle. Bob Sutherland is the owner of Cherry Republic and will join the Michigan League of Conservation Voters Board of Directors in…

Traverse City Commits to 100% Clean Energy by 2020

Traverse City on Monday pledged to power itself entirely with renewable power in just four years, adding significant momentum to a growing list of cities leading the transition…

Detroit to Reduce Greenhouse Gasses as Largest US City with 100% LED Streetlights

Detroit finished a project to replace all its streetlights with LED lights, saving millions of dollars and preventing thousands of tons of carbon to be released into the…


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