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Michigan's Environmental Justice Impact Grants and the Michigan Justice40 Accelerator - Informational Meeting


Wednesday, June 12, 2024
6:00 p.m.– 7:30 p.m. EDT


Virtual via Zoom


Alana Berthold

To achieve environmental justice, investment is critical. That’s why the State of Michigan is offering two new opportunities for funding and capacity building that are designed to have impact in communities with environmental justice concerns. Join the Office of the Environmental Justice Public Advocate, the Office of Climate and Energy, and Elevate Energy to learn how to apply for the state’s first environmental justice focused grants and how to become part of the first cohort of the Michigan Justice40 Accelerator.

The goal of both programs is to address historical inequities and build capacity in communities across the state. The Environmental Justice Impact Grant program is focused on reducing environmental health burdens and impacts in Michigan’s environmental justice communities, and the Michigan Justice40 Accelerator is designed to build capacity in disadvantaged communities and communities with environmental justice concerns. Webinar attendees will hear about both program goals and benefits, eligible projects, the application process and deadlines.

Eligible applicants for either program should attend. These entities include federally recognized Tribes, community-based non-profit organizations, schools (including school districts and daycares), institutions of higher education, and local governments (see both programs’ information for eligibility details). Partners or entities that engage with eligible applicants related to environmental and climate justice may also be interested in attending. Attendees will receive links to all application materials and a walk through of the program guide and application process for the Environmental Justice Impact Grants; attendees also will gain an understanding of the benefits and the competitive application process for the Justice40 Accelerator.

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