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Grand Rapids is the first city in Michigan to establish a 100% renewable goal.


Clean, renewable energy is our future and around the world, cities are leading the way. More than 20 U.S. cities have set 100% renewable energy goals, including Grand Rapids and Traverse City. Make your community a clean energy leader! Read more and see our toolkit to find out how. 

WHY 100%? For a stable climate, scientists agree we need to shift to 100% renewable energy (RE) in just decades, and doing so will bring many benefits. It will make healthier communities for our families, boost local economies, create jobs, and it saves cities money. For these reasons and more, many communities in Michigan are going 100% renewable.

If our state gets to 100% renewable energy, Michigan families would save over $150 in energy costs and $2,000 in health care costs every year.[1] Moving off fossil fuels would reduce the air pollution that triggers asthma attacks and respiratory illnesses, improving quality of life and saving lives.

Clean energy also creates good-paying local jobs and makes local economies more resilient. The U.S. solar industry employs over 260,000 people and solar jobs grew 17 times faster than the overall economy in 2016.[2] And wind energy has led to millions of dollars for rural landowners in some rural Michigan counties.[3] 100% RE is good for communities and is good for Michigan!

Research shows it’s doable, and cities are already doing it. Peer-reviewed, published studies have found that 100% clean, RE is achievable for the entire U.S. right now, and will just become easier as storage and other technologies improve. Renewables and efficiency now cost less than any other energy source in Michigan,[4] and are expanding rapidly, with large solar arrays now being built in Cadillac, Grand Rapids, East Lansing and other parts of the state.

More than 20 cities in the U.S. have set or achieved 100% RE goals. Burlington, Vermont has already achieved its 100% RE goal, and the city will save $20 million over the next decade as a result of its 100% RE goal!

City By Year   City By Year
Ann Arbor, MI 2035   Northport, MI 2025

Aspen, CO

Achieved   Palo Alto, CA 2017
Burlington, VT Achieved   Park City, UT 2032
Columbia, SC 2020   Pueblo, CO 2035
East Hampton, NY 2030   Rochester, MN 2031
Georgetown, TX 2017   Salt Lake City, UT 2032
Grand Rapids, MI 2025   San Diego, CA 2035
Greenburg, KS Achieved   San Francisco, CA 2020
Lancaster, CA 2020   San Jose, CA 2022
Moab, UT 2032   Santa Monica, CA 2033
Nassau, NY 2020   Traverse City, MI 2040

Even entire nations and states are setting 100% RE goals – Hawaii has a 100% by 2045 renewable electricity goal and Costa Rica already is powered by 100% renewable electricity.


Traverse City is a city on the shores of the Great Lakes that draws tourists from around the world. A 100% RE goal helps protect these resources and solidify the community as a leading sustainable city. Traverse City Light & Power, a locally owned municipal utility, set a 100% community-wide clean energy goal for the city by 2040. To get there, an interim goal of achieving 40 percent renewables by 2025 as part of its strategic plan. Read more about this goal.


Most Americans support more clean energy and care about climate change. Unfortunately, there are serious efforts at the state and federal levels to halt and roll back our clean energy and climate policies. Action at the local level is more important than ever.

We can work with our communities, take our future into our own hands, do what is right and move rapidly toward 100% renewable energy.

Check out our Michigan 100% Cities Toolkit to download this factsheet and other tools and get started!


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  • Heather DeLadurantaye
    commented 2018-09-03 19:40:31 -0400
    I think 100% renewable energy is an attainable goal. I would like to see it go a step further with new constructions being designed to be100% self-sustainable and off grid. The concept of being plugged into a grid is out dated, expensive to maintain, especially with an onslaught of extreme weather events. I realize that this may not be a popular idea becaue it would take money directly away fromt he utility companies by essetially providing free energy to anyone living in a home or structure designed in this way. That’s not to say there can’t be a way to find middle ground or that this idea couldn’t create a whole to energy feild in and of itself. It is time to think out of the box. Lets try something new.

    Also, If we are going to be really serious about reducing the impact of climate change, we MUST get our world governments to abandon their geo-engineering and weather modification programs and technologies. These practicies are dangerous and are only adding to severe weather incidents. We must realize that in harming the enviroment, we harm ourselves and our future. We are all connected. Separation is an illusion. No amount of money or power will fill the void of trying to sustain that illusion, it only deepens the cavern.
  • @MIClimateAction tweeted this page. 2017-02-17 20:57:14 -0500
  • Bill Latka
    published this page in Campaigns 2016-11-20 19:21:43 -0500


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