Workers Install Solar PanelsDid you know that Michigan has an artificial 1% cap on the amount of energy that can be produced from non-utility-owned sources and sold back to utilities? This includes energy from rooftop solar. This is one of the most restrictive solar policies in the country, and it is preventing solar projects in Michigan from being built. We have a chance to do something about this now!

House Bill 4236 was recently introduced to eliminate this artificial cap, allowing more people to install solar to power our homes, lower our bills, and bring more jobs to Michigan.

The House Energy Committee will be voting on it this month, and many legislators on both sides of the aisle are still undecided on this bill.

This is a critical time to voice your support

If we don’t lift this cap, it will be extremely hard to achieve the rapid growth in solar that we need to meet our carbon neutrality goals that Governor Whitmer set this year. It also will shut out individuals and small businesses from the benefits of owning their own solar, and make it so that solar benefits will only go to the large utilities like DTE and Consumers. It will further harm the solar industry, which was growing rapidly before the COVID pandemic.

Please take one minute to send this email urging your lawmakers to support HB 4236 to lift the arbitrary 1% cap on solar, and allow a more rapid and equitable transition to clean energy - and the climate and health benefits it will bring.

Your email will also CC Gov. Whitmer, and party leaders about this bill, Rep. Lasinski, and Speaker Wentworth.

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