Family with Solar PanelSolar power is ready to power our homes, lower our bills, and bring more jobs to Michigan. But our state has one of the most restrictive solar policies in the country, and current laws restrict the number of customers with solar panels a utility is required to purchase power from. Two utilities - Consumers Energy and the Upper Peninsula Power Company (UPPCO) - have already hit their caps.

Unless we change the law and lift this solar cap, people will not be able to install solar on their homes and businesses in areas where this cap has been reached. Thousands of solar installers and solar power companies will be in dire straits, and our move to solar in Michigan will stall.

Fortunately, there are two bills being discussed that would fix this.


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SB 597 and HB 5145 would lift the solar cap, and they are being debated right now.

These emails urge state lawmakers to support these bills before the end of this session to protect Michigan’s solar workers, the rights of Michiganders to choose solar and support a clean energy economy.

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