Deep Canvassing: Talking to friends, neighbors, and anyone about being a climate voter

We are the majority!

Public opinion data from the Yale Program on Climate Change shows that 70% of Michiganders believe in climate change and that 62% are worried about it, yet only a third of us actively discuss climate change with our friends and family. Let’s talk climate!

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Welcome to the Citizens' Climate Lobby higher ed (a college student group) and youth action team (a high school student group) Deep Canvassing campaign! Designed to persuade voters to prioritize climate change as a voting issue by honing in on the personal experiences of the voter that can be connected to climate, and also work to turn out eligible voters not currently planning on voting but who already care about climate action. For more information or support, please fill out this Google Form or contact the lead organizer, Marwan Mikdadi. If you are not a CCL member but would like to participate more directly, please fill out the CCL membership form.

Deep Canvassing is an effective discussion tactic that has shown a 40% persuasion rate to turn out eligible voters who already care about climate and also to get existing voters to prioritize climate as a top issue. Learn about this technique in this webinar featured in Yale Climate Communications and from practitioners in Neighbours United and New Conversations Initiative. The script for your next conversation is already written for you to follow; just read it here!


Deep Canvass Institute Trainings (free): Monthly through September 2024

Neighbour's United phone banking: 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. EDT, April 10, 2024


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