Avoiding the worst consequences of climate change means a rapid and just transition to clean energy and away from the use of fossil fuels. By putting in place solutions that are within our reach, our state, and its people can thrive as we move into this clean energy future.

We are focusing our efforts on four main areas:

1. Helping Michigan Meet Strong Climate Goals 

We are working to make sure there is a strong and equitable plan to meet Governor Whitmer's Climate Executive Order, and help Michigan meet the goals of 28% reduction in climate emissions below 1990 levels by 2025, and to be carbon neutral by 2050 - this means carbon-free power for electricity, transportation, and our homes and buildings.

2. Electrify Transportation and Increase Mobility for All

Michigan put the automobile on the map, and now we have a chance to lead it into the future. We are working to electrify our cars and trucks, and to improve non-motorized transportation and public transportation options so that everyone has access to reliable, convenient, and affordable transportation options. 

3. Shut Down Line 5 and Stop an Oil Tunnel 

The Line 5 oil pipeline risks an oil spill oil our freshwater seas, and every day the oil it carries when burned spills huge amounts of carbon into the atmosphere and pollution into our communities. It is within our reach to shut down the flow of oil in Enbridge Line 5 and prevent a replacement oil tunnel that would extend its operation for 99 more years. Find out more.

4. Support Local Climate Solutions

Communities around the state are leading the way with policies and programs to lead on climate solutions and making their communities resilient. We strive to use our network and tools to support these efforts.

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