Avoiding the worst consequences of climate change means a rapid and just transition to clean energy and away from the use of fossil fuels. By putting in place solutions that are within our reach, our state, and its people can thrive as we move into this clean energy future.

We are focusing our efforts in four main areas:

1. Move quickly to 100% renewable energy

We are working to get more Michigan cities to move towards climate neutrality and 100% renewable energy. Find out more.

2. Electrify Transportation

Michigan put the automobile on the map, and now we have a chance to lead it into the future. Find out more.

3. Prevent a Great Lakes Oil Pipeline Disaster

An aging oil pipeline carries crude oil through the Great Lakes. If it doesn’t spill oil into our fresh water seas, it still spills carbon into the atmosphere. Shutting down the flow of oil in Enbridge Line 5 is a goal within our reach. Find out more.

4. Encourage Clean Energy Policies

States that look toward the future stand a better chance to thrive. We are working toward policies at the local, state, and federal level that help realize a clean energy future. Find out more.

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